Marvel To Make IRON FIST Into A Feature Film For Netflix


Well, as one of our sources pointed out last week, Marvel was considering replacing the Iron Fist series with a Punisher series. As it turns out, it could actually be a good thing for fans of Iron Fist, as we just received this email from a source who works within Marvel Creative but wanted to remain anonymous:

Marvel will be turning Iron Fist into a Netflix exclusive feature film. This will give Marvel extra time and a larger budget for this project. The Punisher will replace Iron Fist as one of the four Defenders.

Interesting. Take this with a grain of salt but that could be pretty cool. If you remember, this past summer the Netflix CEO said that they were open to making feature films for Marvel characters and this could be a way to start.

What do you think of this news? Would you be open to a feature film for Iron Fist?

  • emagill

    How will this work with the TV/film management split? Would this still fall under Perlmutter’s control, or would it be Feige’s?

    • Viroro

      I’d say it’s a TV movie (Netflix movie), so Perlmutter. We will only be sure if they make Danny an Inhuman.

      • Jeffrey

        That’s only if you believe this rumor and put stock in it I suppose.

      • Hshshd

        They are making vin desile inhiman

  • Doodlee Pigvirus

    i’d rather have the series. Punisher sucks.

  • Spenser Blevins

    I’d rather have the series 13hrs vs a 2hr movie, maybe if it is a 4hr movie with the budget.

    • Ryan Gunn

      exactly what I was thinking. I mean, Daredevil was create, no way they could have compressed that into a 2 hour movie.

  • WarrenWII

    Yes to the movie, but hell no to Punisher replacing Iron Fist as a defender. Hell no!
    Punisher has had two movies already, give Iron Fist a spot on The Defenders

    • Viroro

      Not to mention Punisher is the black sheep of the entire superhero comunity. No one would team up with him, ever, not if there wasn’t a bigger issue to deal with first at least.

    • Travis Lynn

      There are 3 Punisher movies.

      • John

        All of which sucked in some way when Marvel Studios can do it better.

  • Brad Leone

    This sounds to me like a botched reconstruction of fragmented facts. If anything, a Netflix Iron Fist movie would more realistically indicate that Iron Fist WON’T be replaced by Punisher for the Defenders. Punisher being a Defender hardly makes sense in the first place, so if there’s any truth to the Punisher series rumor, it’ll simply be because they got behind on Iron Fist’s development, but were still contractually obligated to provide three full Netflix series prior to Defenders. Since they happened to have Punisher developed enough from Daredevil season 2, they’re going to just fall back on him for the fourth series, but will still being using Iron Fist as the fourth Defenders member, and his movie will be his introduction instead of a full series.

    • Jonathan Joseph Reddoch

      That makes more sense than what the article assumes. Now if only Netflix is smart enough to agree.

  • Jeffrey

    A lot of internet websites claim they have sources of news that turn out to be false. Do all these sources really work for the companies they claim? How can we really know for sure?

  • William Fuchs

    They where setting up for iron fist in daredevil and his buisness with luke cage would make for a easy serial show with diffrent cases and the asians plans furthering leading into defenders

  • far219

    I’d still want Iron Fist as a Defender. So, five Defenders.

  • TheMan

    This is total lies. Punisher is not a defender he is a murdering vigilante better suited to being a lone wolf (or the thunderbolts) There is no evidence to back this article apart from the quote you made up. There are no problems with iron fist what so ever it is just to early for announcements being as its out in 2 years. You guys are forgetting this is netflix not movies it works on a different timescale.Jessica Jones has only just started to have info released and that is out next month. I can assure you the biggest problem marvel is having with iron fist is the costume more specifically the mask but they struggled with that on daredevil of course the difference is DD didn’t need his iconic costume till the end of the season where as iron fist has his costume as soon as he becomes the iron fist. I have had enough of writers like you fan bating for views. you are right you suck at this.

    • There are too many things wrong with your comment to address.

      Happy Halloween!

      • Jonathan Joseph Reddoch

        So why reply at all?

  • Riananthony

    I don’t believe that the Punisher will be a Defender. But I do think there’s a possibility of Iron Fist not being a Defender and being replaced by (drumroll)…Hellcat.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    I’m happy for this to happen. An Iron Fist movie would be great, and Punisher becoming one of the Defenders series would be awesome too, as long as he doesn’t actually become a Defender. He really doesn’t feel like a team player. I guess that could make him all the more interesting, but it just doesn’t seem right. No reason Iron Fist can’t still be on the team after just getting a movie.

  • Sean Graham

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel are just stoking the rumour mill to gauge public opinion.

    Personally, if they are listening, I’d want to see Iron Fist stay in The Defenders, and Punisher play the outsider, ruthless, anti-hero role. If at all, Punisher would be a better fit for a Netflix film. Punisher is darkest when he is on his own.

  • Guardian Byakko

    Let’s just put punisher in a group with blade and Ghost Rider if any group, or make Frank an antihero that shows up off and on for the defenders without replacing Iron Fist.

  • MarvelFan_1

    I’m calling click bait on this whole source thing, one minute Iron fist is down the hole, next he’s getting a feature film? sounds like a load of rubbish.

  • Alexander

    I’ve mixed feelings regarding Punisher displacing Iron Fist’s Netflix series, but I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t factor in The Defenders. Castle can still retain his lone wolf persona – but still factor as narrative component, while not necessarily being ‘on team’ so to speak.

  • Jeffrey