Rumor: Ben Affleck Wants Out Of THE BATMAN

There’s been a lot of flip/flopping in the DCEU as of late when it comes to The Batman movie. Decisions were being made on which director to use and whether or not Ben Affleck would be directing the flick. The latter confirmed Ben not helming the movie at all.

Now, some interesting news from Collider Movie Talk John Campea revealed from three different sources he talked to that Ben Affleck wants out.

They’re telling me that Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he does want out. He doesn’t want to to be Batman anymore, is what I was told.

John went on to say that Collider Video nor he is in the “scoop game” because he got burned twice attempting to break scoops from previous sources, but he does seem quite confident in his “non-scoop” as he refers to it.

Affleck was said to be talking to Warner Bros. about leaving the Batman role. If the studios let him, then this DCEU solo movie could very well be his last role as Batman.

Source: Collider Movie Talk