THE RAID Remake Coming From Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo

Something interesting popped up on Twitter. It looks like a quick piece with who looks to be Captain America’s Frank Grillo and director Joe Carnahan. The post was under the XYZ Films account, but no mention of their names.

It looks like both the director and actor were pondering another incarnation of the original Raid: Redemption movie. Grillo said in the clip that it wouldn’t be a reboot, but a re-imagining. They were also figuring out the number people they would use for The Raid re-imagined version.

Later on, it was announced that the original movie’s Gareth Evans will be returning to produce.

The 2012 Dredd movie was THOUGHT to be a rip off from the The Raid: Redemption, but it was proven not to be the case because the latter film was a 2011 Indonesian movie and was released in a lot of countries in 2012. Although Dredd was also released in 2012, it was actually announced in 2008. The script itself was leaked in 2010 which provided evidence that it wasn’t a rip-off.

So hopefully there won’t be confusion at this second Raid go-around should a Dredd 2 come into the picture.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death