Video Surfaces of Ben Affleck’s Alleged 2003 Groping of Hilarie Burton

hilarie burton ben affleck

For those who have been living under a rock lately, a scandal involving Harvey Weinstein has utterly destroyed Hollywood. Ben Affleck recently released a statement condemning Weinstein, which sparked a ton of different reactions, one of which was actress Hilarie Burton accusing the actor of groping her back in 2003:

Ben Affleck then tweeted:

Video is currently up that will probably be deleted soon – so watch it while you can:

As for the video, I’ll let you make your own opinions on it.

As far as Weinstein is concerned, it’s being reported that he’s actually headed to Europe to enter Sex Addiction Rehab, which has led some to believe that he’s trying to go the route of Roman Polanski, who fled the country after raping a 13 year old girl back in the 70’s.

It’s also been reported that Weinstein is suicidal at the moment.

More stories have come out and apparently, some believe there will be even more regarding people other than Weinstein. It’s no surprise given how Hollywood has enabled people like Weinstein and Polanski over the years.

Here’s hoping Hollywood can soon get back to doing what made us all fans in the first place, which is making movies, as opposed to preaching and lecturing everyone like they seem to have done as of late. This terrible Weinstein news, however, isn’t going to go away anytime soon and it’ll be interesting to see what Hollywood does next.

Be sure to tell us your thoughts on the video and everything else surrounding this in the comment section!

  • Slider13

    She really didn’t seem to mind when it happened and the video doesn’t even show anything but his hand behind her back. I don’t condone what Weinstein did, but this “pile on” style of getting to people is really sickening too. (just an observation, don’t get all feisty)

  • Slider13

    If somebody does something inappropriate to you or to me or to anyone, the offended party should speak up right away and /or take yourself out of the situation. Don’t wait for them to do it again because you’re afraid to lose your job, or get a job, or lose your home. Seek help and you will find it. Don’t wait 10-20 yrs for someone else to come forward and then decide to pile on. You’re not doing any of the next people abused any favors by remaining silent.