‘Trailer Park Boys’ Actor John Dunsworth Dead At Age 71

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Canadian actor John Dunsworth passed away today at 71 from a sudden and very serious illness. Surrounded by family, he left the world peacefully.

Dunsworth was best known for playing Jim Lahey, the drunkenly irrational trailer park manager of Sunnydale in the hit show Trailer Park Boys. From his hilarious moments of intoxication to his analogies composed of “sh-t”, Dunsworth’s iconic role as the antagonist the show was one of the most memorable in the adventures of Julian, Ricky and Bubbles.

The news of this unfortunate passing was reported by his daughter Sarah Dunsworth, also known for playing Sarah in the show. She tweeted the following on his official Twitter:

The official Trailer Park Boys Twitter page expressed their sympathies with a tweet in response:

On June 19th, A 12th season of the show was announced on Netflix, with the filming being done that summer. There is no saying what the show’s future will be after the passing of a major character.

In addition to his Lahey fame, Dunsworth was also known for playing reporter Dave Teagues in the series Haven, based off the Stephen King novella The Colorado Kid. He had an extensive history in regional theater, a boating enthusiast, supported Canada’s gambling addiction laws by campaigning against video lottery terminals in Nova Scotia and loved traveling, especially alongside co-star Pat Roach with the duo touring across with their Randy & Mr. Lahey Live shows.

Dunsworth is survived by his wife, three daughters and son. As the family wishes to mourn for him privately, many of us, myself included, are saddened of the loss of a great Canadian legend of comedy.

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Here’s to you, bud.

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