SDCC ’15 Marvel Hasbro Exclusives


If you’re going to San Diego Comic Con this year you know that some of the fun/frustration is trying to snag some sweet sweet Con Exclusives!  This year – as expected, Marvel and Hasbro have teamed up to bring some Ant-Man action figures.  But along with Ant-Man they’ve dropped a pretty awesome set of the Wizard of the Weird himself, Dr. Strange.

The first Ant-Man exclusive is designed to show off his various sizes, and versions, in one neat package.  The set contains a 12-inch Giant-Man, 6-inch Goliath (in blue and yellow), 3.75-inch Hank Pym (in lab coat with helmeted and non-helmeted interchangeable heads), 1.5-inch Scott Lang Ant-Man (with no articulation), and a 1-inch Hank Pym Ant-Man (also non-articulated).  All the figures come in an Ant-Man head case, which has awesome swivel antennae!  [Approx. Retail Price $64.99]


The second Ant-Man exclusive is Hasbro’s smallest Marvel figure ever made!  Measuring in at a whopping 0.75-inch tall!  This Ant-Man is designed after the movie version and comes in a case designed to look like a match box.  With a Pym Technologies logo the match box slides open to reveal the diminutive figure on its blister card.  This figure really is an Ant-Man! [Approx. Retail Price $9.99]



The third figure set comes from Marvel’s Legends series of figures.  This exclusive is none other than the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange.  With 5 figures, you can act out his most epic battles, if you’re brave enough to open the box. All the figures are 6-inches and include Dr. Strange (in Astral Form), Brother Voodoo, Hela, Magik, and Dr. Strange’s greatest nemesis Dormammu! Also, included in the set is your very own Eye of Agamatto, now you too can be Sorcerer Supreme!  All figures, and Eye, come in a snazzy case designed to look like the good Doctors Book of the Vishanti, as if you needed more Dr. Strange cosplay material.  [Approx. Retail Price $104.99]


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