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Box Office Report: THE MARTIAN Beats Five New Flops


In a weekend that can only be described as disastrous, Ridley Scott’s The Martian has reclaimed the number one position at the box office. The Matt Damon lead sci-fi hit grossed $15.9 million for a grand total of $166.3 million stateside and $347.3 million worldwide. The domestic total puts the film in second place among Ridley Scott directed films above Hannibal ($166 million) and below Gladiator ($187.7 million). Look for it to take the number one spot in the weeks to come.

Last weekend’s number one film Goosebumps settled for second place with $15.5 million. This number represents a nice 34% drop from last weekend for a grand total of $43.7 million. Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies also held nicely dropping only -26.1% although with total grosses only numbering $32.5 million, this one isn’t out of “disappointment” territory yet.

Speaking of disappointments, we find our first new release all the way down in fourth place. The Last Witch Hunter only took in a weak $10.8 million. Since this thing carries a $90 million price tag, Summit Entertainment has to be praying that it catches on overseas.

Our second new release Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension opened in sixth to a franchise low of $8.2 million. In comparison, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones was able to take in $18.3 million last year without the benefit of 3D ticket prices or a Halloween season release. Of course, this comparison isn’t quite as strong as I would like it to be considering the fact that many of the major theaters chains dropped the film in protest of its early on demand release. The film is actually available for streaming in two weeks.

In seventh place is the nationwide expansion of Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs with $7.2 million (or only about half a million more that the notorious Ashton Kutcher version of the same subject). While Jobs is likely to win a lot of awards, it seems that general moviegoers have no interest in it.

We head all the way down to 13th place for our fourth bomb. It’s the new Bill Murray film Rock the Kasbah which could only muster a pitiful $1.5 million which is a career low for Murray (only counting nationwide releases of course). Open Road Films can wave as all of the $15 million they put into this thing as it is all carried off in the wind. Bye.

We’re almost there now. Just one more flop to go. Take a stretch break if you feel the need. In 15th place we find Jem and the Holograms another rare bad investment from stingy producer Jason Blum. With $1.3 million, this one’s DOA and is solid proof that not everything from the 80s needs to be remade.

That does it for me! The comment section is yours! Were you one of the few people to see any of these flops? Got any predictions for next week (Burnt, Our Brand is Crisis, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) or would you rather just be woken up when Spectre is released?

Here’s your official top 10:


This Weekend                    Total

  1. The Martian $15.9 million ($166.3 million)
  2. Goosebumps $15.5 million ($43.7 million)
  3. Bridge of Spies $11.3 million ($32.5 million)
  4. The Last Witch Hunter $10.8 million
  5. Hotel Transylvania 2 $9 million ($148.2 million)
  6. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension $8.2 million
  7. Steve Jobs $7.2 million ($9.9 million)
  8. Crimson Peak $5.5 million ($22.4 million)
  9. The Intern $3.8 million ($64.7 million)
  10. Sicario $2.9 million ($39.3 million)


Were you surprised by this weekend’s box office? Let us know below!

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