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Ron Perlman Shares DEATHSTROKE Video With His Voice Added

A couple days ago, Ben Affleck, currently well known in the DCEU as the actor for Batman, as well as the writer/director for the upcoming solo Batman film, released a fourteen-second bit of footage, showing what looked to be the character Deathstroke. This prompted speculation from social media users until it was all but confirmed that the mercenary is the antagonist for the aforementioned solo Batman film.

Fans rejoiced and even more speculation came about with conversations and articles questioned who would be playing Deathstroke, including a revived theory of Joe Manganiello possibly playing the role. There were previously rumors of him playing the character in the recent Suicide Squad movie.

However, Twitter user MisterBatfleck had another idea of who to play the infamous mercenary. MisterBatfleck posted the footage Ben Affleck had previously posted, only with a little twist. In the video, you can hear dialogue from Ron Perlman, who had played Deathstroke in the acclaimed Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans. The audio comes from the Season 3 episode, “Haunted”, in which Deathstroke (referred to as Slade in the show) is fighting Titans member, Robin.

Reactions across social media have been overwhelmingly positive and if that wasn’t awesome enough, Perlman himself re-tweeted the video stating, “I rest Mr. BatFleck’s case.” This gained the already popular video even more attention and it seems fans want nothing more than for Perlman to play DCEU’s incarnation of his classic role.

At this point, it’s all speculation and all comic book fans can do is wait until an announcement is made on who will put on the orange and black armor and face off against Batman in Affleck’s upcoming film.

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