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New Video and Leaked Picture From The Walking Dead Show Negan’s Victim


In two weeks time, The Walking Dead will finally reveal the answer to the question ‘Who was on the receiving end of Lucille at the climax of the last season?’. For the past few months, fans have been analyzing the scene and speculating who the unlucky character was, but now, thanks to clip from the Season 7 premiere we know at least one character who is safe. Obviously spoilers will follow.

The clip was debuted at the New York Comic Con during the show’s panel and shows Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villainous Negan chatting to a worse for wear Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. The clip clearly takes place just after Negan’s brutal murder of the unidentified member of Rick’s gang, which judging by the amount blood dripping from his bat, is just as violent as it’s comic counterpart.

You can check out the clip below:

Whilst the clip doesn’t reveal the victim, fans have examined the clip for clues, namely the blood splatter on Rick’s cheek. This seemingly confirms that the unlucky soul is sat on Rick’s right hand side. Based on the position of the characters, this means it could potentially be Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, and Glenn.

Another interesting thing to note, is that what Negan discusses at the end in regards to Axes and right hand men seemingly point to Rick losing his hand in a manner similar to the comics. In the comics it was actually The Governor responsible for Rick’s dismemberment, however given how impractical it would be to have a lead actor missing a hand for the best part of filming, it’s understandable why the would have left it out for a bit in the TV show.

This picture was also found on a recent YouTube video:


Hopefully, all the questions will be answered when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 23rd.

What do you think? Who do you think was on the receiving end of Lucille? Are you excited for the new season? Let us know below!

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