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Rumor: Jeff Bridges Will Be Playing DARKSEID

There are always a lot of rumors when it comes to comic book movies, some of which are just what fans would LIKE to see happen as opposed to what actually IS happening.

We reported on some DCEU leaks back in August that stated that there will be a Darkseid tease at the end of Justice League and that WB is considering using the character for Justice League 2 but they were concerned about comparisons to Thanos:

“Justice League 2 may or may not use Darkseid as the villain. The biggest concern is comparisons to Thanos. They may hold off and use him further down the line once the dust has settled following Infinity War. Other villains being considered are the Injustice League, the Crime Syndicate and The Society. They really want multiple villains for the sequel for some reason. Tower of Babel is also being discussed as a possible plot.”

While we won’t see Darkseid for a bit (according to the leaks), there are allegedly ‘rumors’ that actor Jeff Bridges could be playing the DC Comics villain. According to a post from ‘Justice League News’ Twitter feed (that I have since discovered on 4Chan as well), that is the case:

Since this was posted on 4Chan as well – the source of those DCEU leaks, it’s definitely worth noting. As with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt but it sure is an interesting prospect. As those leaks showed everyone this past year, don’t take any of them lightly.

What do you think about this potential casting choice? Would you like to see Jeff Bridges as Darkseid in the DCEU? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below!

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