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Channing Tatum Could Play VAN HELSING In Upcoming Reboot

With the theoretical Gambit film seemingly stuck in eternal development hell, Channing Tatum has some free time on his hands.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is looking to solve that problem for the actor.

A script is being finalized for a new take on Van Helsing, as a part of the studio’s Dark Universe, which was kicked off earlier this summer with Tom Cruise’s Mummy. (While it wasn’t a huge hit stateside, its solid showing overseas is keeping the shared universe viable for now.)

Tatum, for his part, hasn’t yet responded to Universal’s interest. But one can only imagine he’d be all too happy to hitch his wagon to an ongoing franchise. Many actors take parts in blockbusters just for the paycheck, so they can do smaller films they really love in between.

But Tatum doesn’t seem to look down on popcorn films, given his genuine dedication to the role of Gambit – which he revealed that he was still working on yesterday:

“Yeah, of course. We’re working on it right now.”

The affable meathead could actually make a decent Abraham van Helsing. The character, especially as he was last portrayed by Hugh Jackman, is a badass sharpshooter, great with the ladies, and more than a little cocky. Sounds like he would be a great fit.

In this writer’s opinion, the public needs to lay off Tatum and give him a chance. He showed genuine talent in Foxcatcher, and I have no doubt that with the right script and direction, he has more great performances in him. Instead of hating from the word go, why don’t we wait and actually *see* his movies before we judge them?

What do you think of this possibility? If you don’t believe Tatum would make a solid Van Helsing, who would? Tell us below!

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