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Captain Spaulding Actor Sid Haig Admitted To ICU Following Accident

An unfortunate incident has occurred regarding cult actor Sid Haig. The news was given out on Haig’s official Instagram account, as written by his wife Suzie. Although no specifics were given, it appears that Haig was taken to the ICU following some kind of accident. Here’s Suzie’s exact statement:


A screenshot can be seen below:

Sid Haig Instagram Screenshot

Image: Sid Haig’s Instagram

As requested, it appears that Sid Haig is in definite need of our thoughts and prayers. The unfortunate news comes just weeks before his anticipated appearance in director Rob Zombie’s latest film, 3 From Hell. Sid Haig will be reappearing as his iconic character Captain Spaulding which rejuvenated his career thanks to the success of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

The actor’s recent resurgence was also thanks to appearances in other Rob Zombie films, including The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, the 2007 remake of Halloween, and The Lords of Salem. He also had cameos in films like Bone Tomahawk and Hatchet 3. But the biggest part of his career will always be his early contributions to the genres of grindhouse exploitation.

Meanwhile his appearance in 3 From Hell will be on the big screen when the movie hits theaters for three days from September 16 to September 18. It goes to show that he’ll be a massive icon forever and always and that no matter what happens, horror fans are thankful for his effort.

And in any case, Sid Haig manages to remain a great human being by staying passionate and thankful to his fans. The actor always made rounds in the convention circuits, meeting fans and telling stories of his acting career in film. It’s the least we can do to support him in his time of need and send our thoughts and prayers.

Source: Instagram

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