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Lisa Batstone

Report: Lisa Batstone Killed 8-Year-Old Daughter To Spite Her Ex-Husband

Lisa Batstone, a 41 year old Canadian woman, was recently convicted for having murdered her 8 year old daughter Teagan Batstone. She was sentenced last month to live her life in prison without the possibility of parole for 15 years. And it’s being suggested that the reason for murdering her 8 year old daughter was out of spite for her ex-husband.

Batstone was finally convicted of the murder in March of this year. Her daughter was killed back in 2014, when Blackstone had placed a plastic bag over her daughter’s mouth anywhere from four to five minutes.

It appears that her entire plan was to kill herself, and that she simply didn’t want her ex-husband to take custody of their daughter after she committed suicide. And so she chose to kill her own child out of spite instead.

It appears that her ex-husband, Gabe Batstone, did in fact try to acquire full custody after Lisa Batstone first attempted suicide in 2012. He was denied custody and their daughter continued to live with Lisa until her death.

“I went and knocked on someone’s door and said, ‘Please call the police, my daughter’s dead in the car,’” Lisa reportedly told police about the crime. “And then I crawled in and snuggled with her until the last minute.”

However, police apparently found these notes inside of Batstone’s home:

“You win Gabe,” and, “You broke me,” two of the notes read, according to the CBC.

Another note said: “I couldn’t imagine leaving here and leaving her to him.”

In an effort to try and avoid criminal responsibility, Batstone and her lawyers claim that she was suffering from “anxiety” when she killed her daughter and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder while in jail.

“The breach of trust could not be more abhorrent,” New Westminster Supreme Court Justice Catherine Murray stated during sentencing. Obviously she saw pass Batstone’s argument.

In his response to his daughter’s death, Gabe Batstone founded Teagan’s Voice which is an organization that aims to prevent violence against children.

Source: Pluralist

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