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McKamey Manor Haunted House

Haunted House McKamey Manor Offers $20,000 To Make It To The End – But No One Has Done It

One of the most exciting aspects for Halloween is the popularity for haunted houses and mazes. The trend has become an increasingly massive event for horror fans and thrill-seekers through the decades, and as such there are many haunted houses which compete to be the scariest of them all. Now it looks like McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, is being called “the scariest in the world”.

The McKamey Manor haunted house requires visitors to sign a 40-page waiver, pass a physical and undergo a background check. But once you go through these steps, and potentially make it through the entire haunted house, then you have the opportunity to win a $20,000 grand prize. But as of this writing, no one has ever finished the haunted house attraction and thus the money remains unclaimed.

“Nobody’s even made it to the starting clock with this new show,” owner Russ McKamey said. “With the new mental game, it’s much more difficult. And because of that, no one’s even started the clock.”

“When I use the hypnosis I can put you in a kitty pool with a couple inches of water and tell you there’s a great white shark in there, and you’re gonna think there’s a shark in there,” he said. “And so, when you have that kind of power over people, and have them do and see things that you want them to see, then they can leave here thinking it really happened, and they’ll go to the authorities and say, ‘oh, whatever,’ and I have to come back and show the footage and say, ‘it didn’t go that way at all.’”

It turns out the footage has come in handy because apparently visitors have called the police on him. “It’s saved me a thousand times.”

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And, all you need to do to be admitted, is bring a bag of dog food for the owner’s five dogs. If you’re interested in applying, you can contact the owner here.

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