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Seth Rogen Tells People Saying “All Lives Matter” To F*ck Off And Stop Watching His Movies

2020 has been a pretty terrible year when you take into account all that’s happened. Coronavirus came and had the United States locked down – though it appeared to be headed in the right direction with things starting to open back up. This past week, however, saw protests and riots over the death of George Floyd and it’s gotten so bad that it’s been said the U.S. military is going to get involved. Today has been dubbed #BlackoutTuesday on social media – in support of standing against racism. Actor Seth Rogen posted the message on his Instagram account – and received quite a few comments on his post.


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If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.

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Some of the comments have been screenshot:

The comments seem to go on like this for a while.

Here’s some reaction:

Those who follow Seth Rogen on his social media profiles know he’s no stranger to speaking his mind on issues facing the country, as earlier this week, the actor (along with other celebrities) made donations to a fund that is said to combat the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low income individuals who cannot otherwise afford.

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