Marvel Planning Netflix Shows For Moon Knight, Punisher, Deathlok and Spider-Woman?

An anonymous source “close” to the situation has informed us that for Marvel’s next slate of Netflix shows, they’re going dark – very dark. The source says that in 2018/2019, you can expect the following shows for Netflix:

2018: Moon Knight with Bushman as the main villain
2018: The Punisher with JIGSAW as the main villain
2019: Deathlok with Fixer as the main villain
2019: Spider-Woman with Madame HYDRA as the main villain

This could make sense for a number of reasons. Fans have been clamoring for a Moon Knight series for a while now and with Netflix established for Marvel’s darker properties, they could finally have a place for it. Frank Castle is appearing on Season 2 of Daredevil, so by 2018, he’ll already be established. Deathlok has already appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Woman is also fair game in terms of rights to the character.

Blade has been thrown around as of late, and could end up being how Moon Knight is introduced into Marvel’s shared universe. I’m a little surprised that Blade or Ghost Rider weren’t announced as shows but I guess we’ll have wait and see what happens. I’d be expecting a name drop or some type of appearance in any of the shows.

As with all of these stories, take it with a grain of salt. If true, however – how excited would you be? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • I keep hearing how much everyone wants a Moon Knight adaptation. If that rumor is true it’s going to make a lot of fans happy.

  • Víctor H. Luyo Saucedo

    Ghost Ryder instead of Deathlok and would be perfect.

  • The Fox

    I like the idea of punisher and spider woman.
    Not so keen on a moon knight show tho

    • Fate Jacket X

      I had no idea how much I liked Moon Knight until I started playing him in Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. I’m actually jazzed for a MK series.

      • Gerry Davila

        I never really got into Moon Knight until the recent Ellis run. Fantastic stuff!

      • Doodlee Pigvirus

        i love Ultimate Alliance, it’s where i got to know Songbird 😀

  • Aaron Chapin

    I hope they recast deathlok I think they made a mistake on who they chose. Would love to see a series for all these heroes, cant wait for any of them. I am a bit surprised that a GR or blade hasn’t been confirmed because a few months ago that was the big story.

    • Rob

      There’s a few other characters who are deathlok. Kill of the agents of shield guy and use a new character

  • Rodriguez711_

    Spider-Woman is nothing like Spider-Man

    • mohammed

      no shit mr obvious

      • Rodriguez711_

        This is what they wrote in the article: “…which would be why I could see them wanting to capitalize on a similar character for the female audience”.
        Are you capable of reading and understanding texts?

  • swanpride

    This makes no sense whatsoever. For starters, 2018 is very far down the line. I doubt that Netflix would come even close to the planning stage until they know how Jessica Jones and Luke Cage work out (plus, each of the upcoming series could be successful enough to warrant a second of third season, which would fill up the schedule). Second, they most likely put The Punisher into Daredevil because they knew that the character is really difficult to write as a lead. Third, there already is a deathlok in the MCU.
    I don’t even want to go into the question if Marvel can use Spider-woman or not.
    In the end this reads more like the wish-list of a fan.

    • Michel van der Molen

      2.5 years isn’t much, the MCU is planned till 2020. They are not saying it is fully in production but there are plans, well if you want something onscreen by 2018 you’d better start planning now. The Punisher is perfect as a lead, they just use Daredevil as a try out, but I’m sure fans will love him.
      And yes I’m also confused if they can use Spider-woman, maybe they made a deal but that doesn’t seem very likely.

      • Kene Ifezue

        2028, actually.

  • Ziad Rahman

    Lemme guess… you (creator of this article) got something from this fan-made like picture? :p

  • Doodlee Pigvirus

    needs more women.

  • Joe Wieland

    this was posted about 2 years ago I whip it out every time something starts to come true on it

    • Fate Jacket X

      I hope to see the Enchantress asap. Also, from this list, I don’t see any other likely candidates to play the villains except the ones included here. However, I wonder how the Skrulls could possibly make an appearance if Fox still owned them. Seeing as though we had to deal with the Chitari instead of the Skrulls for that very reason.

      MOving on…Fingers crossed for Planet Hulk, I’d rather not see Killmonger as BP’s first villain, MODOK and Egghead didn’t come true (which kind of questions this list’s validity, making it seem more like a fan’s obvious assumptions) and I don’t see Nova dealing with those villains. I nominate Josh Hartnett for the role of Nova.

    • Lamashtar

      The villain for Luke Cage is wrong, too. It’s going to be Black Mariah, Shades and Copperhead.

      • Michel van der Molen

        Things chance, 1 error does not discredit the whole planning

        • Lamashtar

          Yes, but it supports the idea that details might undergo extreme changes. Tim Gunn has stated that he can’t use Kang, as well. He might be lying to throw people off, who knows?

    • Zagreus

      Where did this come from? It sound’s like it could be a rough outline of early plans… Hmm… Interesting. Would LOVE to see a Moon Knight show. And Midnight Sons? (Dr. Strange + Blade and Ghost Rider maybe?)

  • ThoseNerds

    Fox owns Madame Hydra (aka Viper) which is why she was in The Wolverine.

    • Lamashtar

      They do not own her. They can put her in their movies because she was a Wolverine villain, in addition to being a Captain America villain. The same way there are two Quicksilvers.

  • DavidHollinger

    I have a hard time believing it for one specific reason:

    Madame HYDRA is owned by Fox (Her character is the creepy snake-lady in Wolverine).

    • Cyclone93

      There is some question to that because the character has two names. One theory is that Fox can use her only as Viper and Marvel has her as Madame Hydra. I don’t know if it’s true though but it would make sense.

  • mohammed

    man this gonan be crazy lol

  • Spawn. Spawn. Do spawn! That needs a HARD R TV series to do it justice.

    • Lamashtar

      Different company. 🙂 But Marvel bought the Angela character.

      • I know it is, just saying I’d rather have a hard R spawn series than any of the above mentioned.. 😉 Hard R Dredd series might be nice too.

  • Tam Browning

    Spider-Woman? Sw-
    Madame Hydra? Oh, HELL, no.
    No, no, fuck this. I am sick of this. Every time I see Spider-Woman, it’s always this spy or detective bullshit. Never minding the fact that her early adventures were pretty much something out of Tales From The Crypt. Spider-Woman started as a sci-fi/horror/fantasy character, and I would like to see that back, thank you very much.

  • Fate Jacket X

    Unless a credible site posts news about this, it’s not happening. Seeya.