Rumor: Zack Snyder Has Opted Out of Directing Justice League 2; Won’t Return For Man of Steel 2

As it stands, Zack Snyder has a big role in the DCEU having directed the first two films in the series Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is also directing the upcoming team up film, Justice League. However, that’s not to say he hasn’t divided opinions with fans either praising the universe he has created or critiquing it for being.

Well, it sounds as though the fans who aren’t to thrilled with the directors approach may be in luck as recent rumors seem to imply he’ll be playing a smaller part in the future of the franchise.

A recent post on the Internet message board 4chan has revealed that Warner Brothers are looking to make sequels to two of the films he has previously directed, Man of Steel and Justice League, Snyder isn’t expected to direct either. The report explains the following:

Man of Steel 2 is happening, Snyder not returning to direct. Snyder no longer wants to return to direct JL 2, has opted out. Plans to direct a smaller scale movie for next project.

Whether this upcoming project is set to be a DC film remains to be seen.

While it’s probably best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.  Previous rumors have pegged J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright and Doug Liman as being the top contenders for the Man of Steel 2 gig – although it’s safe to say Liman is unlikely, given how he has been signed on to direct Justice League Dark. It’s also been reported that Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins is being courted for the Justice League sequel

While Snyder has been criticized in the past, it’s hard to ignore that he has brought our favorite DC characters together on the big screen. Based on what we saw from Justice League at last months Comic Con, it looks as though Snyder may have finally found the tone for the film.

Justice League is set to hit theaters November 17th, 2017.

What do you think? Are you disappointed Snyder won’t be returning? Who would you like to see behind the lens? Let us know below!

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  • So if I write any shit story on 4chan you’re gonna make an article too?

    C’mon man, fucking 4chan, really??!!!

    • Cobra Commander

      This clickbait site is fucking pathetic. James Hadden should be fired, but he probably doesn’t even get paid.

  • Michael Link

    Are his feelings hurt?

  • Cobra Commander

    The “source” for this article is a random 4chan post?? LOLOLOL

    Seriously, this worthless site couldn’t get any lower.

  • Bruce Wayne

    4chan is your source…….

  • Harold_Finch

    🙁 if true.

    Zack is a true auteur and one of the only remaining auteurs in the industry. The film brats aren’t creators anymore. They are real brats whining from the comfort of their own basement/homes.

    • Jon

      Says the armchair troll sitting in his computer bitching and moaning about s successful movie director. Tell us, how many movies have you made in your life? Lol

    • jaxon

      Snyder is a visionary and one of the modern greats. He doesn’t just follow the formula he constantly asks the most challenging question; “why”. Why doesn’t Superman kill? How would a farmer really raise such a child? How would Batman really react?…

      • Tony Volious

        I read an excerpt from an old interview where he said he considered having batman raped! If that was a real article then that’s disturbing and good riddance!

  • Theodore Trout

    oh thank god.

  • Allen Straith

    I love Mos and BvS but I hate the internet whinging about him all the time. So good for DCEU!

  • Kevin

    More like pushed out. I dnt even know why he took the job. He’s not even a huge fan of comics. As translated on screen by his last few movies. I get that dc didn’t wanna follow marvels formula but it’s what works best.

    • Dan Jackson

      Seriously Snyder is a huge fan of comic books. Most of his films are based from comic books….. BvS has so much imagery taken directly from the page of the dark knight returns. Just like watchmen. Seriously do your homework

      • Kevin

        He just doesn’t know how to adapt em to the big screen. He once said in an interview for watchmen that Batman begins wasn’t dark enough for him,if he were to direct it Bruce Wayne wouldn’t been raped in jail. It says alot of his thinking into adaptations.

        • Kriss_Kringle

          No,you don’t understand what he meant.He was referring to what’s dark and offered a possibility that if he were to direct a Batman movie,then Bruce would get raped in prison(beginning of Batman Begins) while learning about how criminals think,since you know,rape in prison is a common thing.
          It was just an example of what dark is to different people.Too bad that you and others missed his point.

        • Matches Malone

          Sorry, but basic comprehension skills are needed to really get Zack’s movies. And if that is what you think he meant in this interview than I guess a lot of things went over your head.

          • Kevin

            Believe me i know what he meant,i think we all do now. I love Nolans batman trilogy,but this bvs was a half ass piece of shit and the numbers back me up. He has no business tryn to healm sumthng so big. I’m sure he read a few if not all of millers batman novels.But his tone and basic directing skills are better used in maybe a smaller movie. W.B has alot on the line after last year’s flops.

        • jaxon

          Bruce should have raped and tortured and raped in jail. Nolan wanted to put him in a realistic world but avoid real world issues which is weak as shit. It would have given actual context to Batman wanting to push back at criminals instead of same lame reason where he all of sudden gives a shit about Gotham.

      • Big Ulf

        Totally agree he’s a comic fan, you can see that. But it’s like he’s a surface comic fan – thinks the images are cool but doesn’t really go too deep. And the comics he picks are very limited. Frank Miller, and that’s about it. Not much soul.

    • Matches Malone

      “He’s not even a huge fan of comics.” Seriously? Do your research or STFU.

  • Cobra Commander The Return

    lol 4chan source

  • Ri3m4nn

    So they aren’t filming 1 and 2 back to back…? When did they change that?

  • I don’t know why an okay-but-disappointing result on these films means an automatic go-ahead for Ayer and Snyder to make a second (or a third) mediocre film.

  • CineNaste

    So George Miller isn’t eyed for directing MOS2…..?

  • EpicNoobsFTW

    I really enjoy Zack’s work and I hope that other DCEU directors follow his style in some areas, especially the fight scenes.

  • Big Ulf

    If true, great. Excellent move. He had his shot and it’s time to move on.

  • Romeo Garcia

    I can not blame him…all the presion he have in this movies is i think (for him) is a great option.

  • Vlad Impaler

    AWE. SOME!!!

  • Anne Fisher

    Considering the countless useless and invariably WRONG info this original person has posted in the past, I would consider it to be less reliable than the weatherman’s predictions, and even less reliable than the dream I had last night for predicting what will be in the film.

    Totally bogus blogger. Why are they even mentioning this loser in any reputable feed?