Alternate DOOMSDAY Design For Batman v Superman Revealed

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice had a fair list of disappointments, but one of the biggest by far was the design of Superman’s ultimate foe, Doomsday, with the character not resembling his comic book counterpart in the slightest. However some recently released concept art has given us a look at what the character could have looked like. Read on to check them out.

It’s currently uncertain where these pieces of artwork originated, but they were recently posted to the website, Cosmic Book News, and as you can see, it appears that a look resembling his comic book appearance didn’t appear to be an option at all. You can check out the concept art below.

Given that one of Doomsday’s powers is the ability to evolve to match his situation, it’s entirely possible that this was merely the early stages of the character and if he was to appear in a future film he may actually be closer to his traditional appearance. To give you an idea of how a more classic Doomsday could look on the screen, I have included some artwork from George Evangelista which looks far better than any of the actual pieces of artwork created. You can check them out below, but make sure to check out his other work here.

Hopefully the character will get his chance for a rematch sometime in the future.

What do you think? Do you like this concept art? What did you think of the characters look on film? Let us know below!


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  • Orion

    These designs are awful! Either way it was/ would have been a bad choice.

  • Hugh Darth-O

    I am guessing the writer didn’t catch on that the Enemy was a replica of Doomsday and so is not at the same stage of evolution.
    Look at Doomsday origin story he didn’t look the way he was when he was on earth (in death of Superman) , sorry I don’t think it’s a big deal the design they chose once you understand these two points.. Writing lame articles to get a reaction out of people..

  • Britton Thompson

    It’s obvious why the BvS incarnation of Doomsday was limited to a bizarre design no matter what : They were restricted by their poor character conception​ of creating Doomsday from a dead man’s genetic material. In this particular case, the DNA of General Zod. They couldn’t go too far with the sharp bone protrusions or any other classic Doomsday features since he had to be crafted from humanoid anatomy; whose genetic material was decaying.

    Which is why they should never have made Doomsday out of General Zod in the first place. It shits on the grand comic book mythologies of both characters; doing neither proper justice. They should’ve had Lex experimenting with his own advanced technology, along with bits of recovered Kryptonian tech from the crashed scout ship & the Black Zero Event; with his goal being to recreate the singularity that swallowed up the Black Zero & Zod’s militia into the Phantom Zone when Lois and the USAF made the two spacecrafts collide with one another at the end Man of Steel. Of course, Lex wouldn’t know the singularity he’s hoping to recreate would open a portal to a dimension that Krypton banished it’s most dangerous elements to. Lex should have experimented with this stuff and eventually succeeded in ​recreating the singularity, weakening the dimensional barriers just enough for Doomsday to break free. Of course, Lex would be horrified at what he just unknowingly unleashed into the world, and he’d go into total “scorched earth” mode of killing anyone who knows about it to hide the evidence of his involvement. That would have been the way to go; not making a mutant zombie out of General Zod and calling it “Doomsday”.

  • Eric Curto

    The look fort Doomsday in BVS did look similar to how Doomsday looks(not far from it as stated in this article), yea there is a bit difference but he was also a deformed version of Zod, so that goes without saying, since the origin was changed a bit. What Chris Terrio did was combine the original origin with the Smallville origin.