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Trailer Spotlight: The Green Inferno





Ah, Eli Roth. You are the gentle giant of torture porn.


The Green Inferno is the newest addition to the filmography of director Eli Roth, who brought us such classics as Cabin Fever (which made me very afraid of shaving my legs for like six months) and Hostel. Fueled by Roth’s disdain for do-gooders with no real idea of what the true situation of their pet projects are, The Green Inferno follows a group of young, naive volunteers, out to save the rainforest. After a plane crash, the survivors find themselves getting to know the locals.


Unfortunately, the locals happen to be cannibals, and we get to watch them all (or at least a grand majority, I assume) get to be nibbled on.


It is actually pretty refreshing to see so much color and actual daylight in a horror movie. The shots are, dare I say, beautiful, and the makeup looks well done and creatively thought out. Check it out below:

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