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Why A Dredd Series Would Be Perfect For Netflix


With all of the Marvel Netflix announcements this week, we thought we would reiterate something – Dredd deserves a Netflix series. It’s almost too perfect not to happen and here’s why:

5. Netflix Is Making A Plethora Of Original Shows


Besides Daredevil, Netflix has a lot of original programming and that is only expected to grow. The last time I checked, Dredd had almost 3 million ratings on Netflix (when it was on there) and had a rating of about 3.6 out of 5. That’s pretty damn good for a movie with 3 million ratings.

4. 2000AD Spin-Off Potential


It’s almost exactly the same potential that Marvel has with its Netflix universe. 2000AD’s comic book world is just as vast and if a Dredd series were a success, other characters from that world could easily tie in and have their own shows as well. I know that there are a lot of people who wouldn’t mind seeing a Rogue Trooper series.

3. Could Stay R-Rated


Something very important is that the show could keep the same tone as the film. Netflix has just as much freedom (if not more) as a channel like HBO or Cinemax – so we could have all of the blood, guts, f-bombs that we had in the film.

2. There’s An Audience For “Dark” Comic Book Characters


Marvel’s Daredevil proved that there are fans out there who enjoy this type of stuff. That’s not to say that fans don’t enjoy The Avengers or Batman or things like that – but there are darker characters who need to stay R-rated to stay faithful to the comic books. Dredd definitely fits that mold and that’s why Netflix would be a perfect fit.

1. Fans Want More Dredd


Almost 3 years have passed and the fans still want more Dredd. The cult following has only gotten bigger and even after Alex Garland came out said that there most likely won’t be a ‘Dredd 2’ they still haven’t given up. That’s loyalty and for that, the fans deserve more than just a ‘one and done’ film.

So, whaddaya say, Netflix?

Want more Dredd? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

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