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Tommy Wiseau Wants To Direct The Fantastic Four Sequel


As you already all know, Fantastic Four was an absolute disaster. It had a horrible box office and terrible reviews and has pretty much been forgotten. There was a planned sequel for 2017, but now FOX is apparently considering putting a Deadpool sequel in its place.

What should FOX do? According to Tommy Wiseau, they should let him direct it:


“You know, I told you I saw this Fantastic Four….it just….I’m not being critical- let me put it this way, I like it, I did enjoy it number one. Number two, it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s all I want to say and I rest my case. (laughs)  That’s all I can tell you. (laughs) Good response in Europe though, that’s my understanding, but it’s too bad they didn’t call me, that’s my point.  Maybe if there’s a sequel, you know. You know, maybe your article gets me that job, who knows what will happen.”


If you’re unfamiliar with Tommy Wiseau – he directed a film called The Room which wasn’t meant to be a comedy but has turned into a cult classic due to it being “so bad that it’s good“. Check it out if you haven’t seen it – or don’t.

If Deadpool fails at the box office, we could see a dramatic shift in FOX’s comic book movie plans. They most likely won’t make a sequel to F4 and wouldn’t make a sequel to Deadpool if it bombed at the box office. While I feel that Deadpool will actually be a good film – it is the hope of many fans that Fox and Marvel can work out some sort of deal to have every Marvel character within the MCU.

While I’m not exactly sure that Wiseau directing a Fantastic Four sequel would be a good idea – could it be any worse than the finished product we saw in theaters last month?

Source: Milwaukee Magazine

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