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Could We Get A Second Season of FIREFLY?


This weekend, four members of the cancelled cult favorite Firefly were on hand at the New York Comic Con to discuss the show to a room full of fans.

When asked whether they would be willing to return the series if a second season was to be greenlit, they all seemed enthusiastic. Nathan Fillion, star of Castle, who played Captain Malcolm Reynolds on the show expressed his desire for it to be “Full time, please”.   His co-star Jewel Staire, who starred as adorable mechanic Kaylee responded with “Otherwise they would cast new people.” Gina Torres, Ships first mate Zoe Washburne, added “And nobody wants that.” A sentiment which seemed to be shared by the many fans in the audience.

The talk also gave an insight into what it was like on set. With the cast joking about the last days of working on Serenity, the feature film which acted as the shows finale. When one fan asked about any souvenirs taken from the films set, as Staite explained:

“The set was not destroyed, it was dismantled, I saw a man taking things of the wall and that was Nathan. He had no shame just ripping things off the wall.”

It sounds as though the show and its subsequent film follow up still hold as much of special place in the casts heart as it does the countless fans.

Source: Yahoo

What do you think? Would you like to see the Serenity Crew back on the screen? Let us know below! 

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