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Marvel Might Cancel IRON FIST and INHUMANS



I’m sure many of us expected some Iron Fist news to be revealed this weekend at the New York Comic Con. Unfortunately, we heard nothing on the upcoming show, and now thanks to the folks over at BleedingCool, we may know why that was.

They have learned that the show may be affected by Marvel Studios interference and that they still do have a say and a signoff into how the show appear and the word is the show may be killed with such procedural notes’

This isn’t the first time rumors circling the show’s demise have come up with similar reports coming out several months ago describing the troubles behind the scenes.

The same sources have also reported on the current state of the Inhumans movie, which only a few days was rumored to be cancelled.

The site reveals that Feige has decided to de-prioritise it. Let it fall down the soldiers until, eventually, it’s said that they could never find the right people for it‘ 

Apparently the film was announced at former CEO Ike Perlmutters’ insistence, in exchange for several of Kevin Feige’s projects to be put into development. Now, with the removal or Perlmutter, it looks as though it may run into even more trouble.


What do you think of these developments? Which would you see as the biggest blow to the MCU?

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