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Jessica Jones To Feature Graphic Scene From Comic



Some comic fans think that one major flaw in Marvel’s cinematic universe is a distinct lack of darkness – there’s not much in the way of realistic violence, bad language, or sexual situations.

That’s all about to change. A pilot for “Jessica Jones” was shown yesterday at New York ComicCon. Viewers were shocked to see a depiction of an extremely controversial scene from the “Alias” comic, one in which Jessica is having very graphic (implied anal) sex with Luke Cage.

This is a description of the scene, courtesy of Vulture:

“Smash cut to Luke on top of Jessica in his bed, going at it with a sexual fury unlike anything Marvel (or DC, for that matter) has even come close to putting on screen. She eggs him on, and when he warns her that she might not be able to take it, she insists she can. At that point, he flips her over and starts taking her from behind while the camera focuses on her impassioned face. It’s a scene where Jessica is in total control of her sexuality. Whatever her reason may be for banging Luke, she’s doing it on her terms.”

No one imagined that this scene would make it to the screen. But, thanks to the freedom allowed by the Netflix platform, it will be seen in all its dubious glory.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, here it is from the comic:

What are your thoughts on this revelation? Do you think it opens the door for more of Jessica’s disturbing plotlines, including The Purple Man’s horrific violations? If the series is successful, will it lead to a grittier tone being used in Marvel’s film properties? Tell us in the comments below!

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