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Marvel To Kill Off MAJOR CHARACTER In Comics

It looks like Marvel will be killing off a character in Squadron Supreme #1 – according to a recent interview did with writer James Robinson. So, if you’re not the type who likes spoilers,  look away now.

Last Chance.

Still here? Okay, cool. It appears that Marvel will be killing off NAMOR. Here’s some of the interview we mentioned above:

Jumping right into this, lets talk about the decision to do what you guys did to Namor. Is this something that Marvel offered or was this something you wanted to do and they gave a green light for it?

James Robinson: It was a combination of a couple of things. One, it speaks of Squadron Supreme’s mission statement. Which is that they really are this hard-line group that will not put up with anything or anybody who will detract work.

And also, it was kind based on the fact that Namor destroyed Doctor Spectrum’s world.


Robinson: And was basically in the last few years Namor has crossed the line from an anti-hero to something a little bit darker.I mean we’ve seen absolutely no remorse whatsoever from him lately.

It’s well known that you’re a fan of the Invaders. For you, seeing Namor go through this transformation from hero to downright villain, is there a bit of gratification on your end doing this or is it bittersweet? Do you feel Namor has finally gone too far that he needs to be dealt with?

Robinson: Well, I think it’s a combination of things. It is bittersweet, but I think that people have to pay for what they do. I think that as you’ll see in Squadron, Namor’s death will open up a lot of amazing story opportunities which will evolve in the future.


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