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Pictures of Megan Gale as Wonder Woman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal Revealed

Years before Gal Gadot was selected to play our favorite Amazon warrior, Megan Gale was chosen to star in George Miller’s doomed Justice League: Mortal and now thanks to Photographer Mark Rogers we now know what she would have looked like.

Check them out below:

Megan Gale Wonder Woman Justice League Mortal (1)

Megan Gale Wonder Woman Justice League Mortal (2)

The photos, posted on Rogers’ official website give us a good look at Gale in her Wonder Woman attire. The outfit itself appears to be more in line with the classic costume especially when it comes to the colors.

Jay Barachuel, a star of the failed movie, revealed a few details about Wonder Woman:

The first time you see Wonder Woman, the opening scene on Themyscira, it was just her. It’s her on top of a steed and she stood about half a kilometer away from a Minotaur. The Minotaur has a battle-ax in his hand and she just rushes him. All the Amazons are there cheering her on, and she just beheads him. Gets off her steed and holds up the Minotaur thing — and doesn’t say a goddamned thing. I was like, “That’s the Wonder Woman I want to see!” It would have been special.

It would be interesting to see if photos of any of the other characters are revealed. Armie Hammers’ Batman would definitely be exciting to see.

What do you think? Does Gale pull off the look? How does it stack up to Gadot’s? Let us know below!

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