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5 Things About The CIVIL WAR Trailer We Need To Discuss

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. We’ve had cleverly deceptive fan-trailers, purporting to be the real thing. We’ve had the grainiest of leaked convention footage, which was less than awe-inspiring. But at long, long last, the official trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War has landed. And it’s pretty damn good…

So what does it show us about the film?

5. It’s Gritty


Well, if anything, it shows that the Russo brothers have picked up exactly where they left off with ‘The Winter Soldier’. If Marvel were concerned that audience feedback was somewhat cold in the aftermath of the bonkers CGI fight scenes in ‘Age Of Ultron’, it looks like Cap 3 will be the prefect remedy.

One of their strong points is the use of stunt work and superb martial arts, to replace repulsor beams and robot invasions. Prepare to hear bones snap, feel the ricochet of bullets, and feel downright despairing and downtrodden as Cap discovers that yet more of the world is against him.

4. Bucky Steps Up


Sebastian Stan’s ‘Bucky’ Barnes has been dragged right out of the shadows for this film, and it looks like he’ll be getting just as much screen time as Chris Evans. Indeed, the trailer seems to indicate he’s a pivotal plot point.

The film seems to be using Cap’s loyalty and love for his best friend as the wedge that will be driven between him Tony. If anything sums it up, it’s that killer line “He’s my friend… So was I.” Putting 2 and 2 together, all of this seems to suggest that the tragic loss of life that will turn the rest of the Avengers on Steve will be blamed on Bucky, and his standing by his old pal will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. That massive explosion, the authorities frantically trying to apprehend a fleeing Bucky. It looks like whoever caused the big boom will be blaming Buck.

3. General Ross Is Back


It’s been seven long years since William Hurt featured in the problematic ‘Incredible Hulk’, but it looks like his convincing turn as Thunderbolt Ross has meant he’s the only surviving cast member from that film.

Sam Shepherd’s portrayal was very much by the numbers, almost disposable, but Hurt bought genuine conflict and anguish to the character, and his return is a welcome one. Out of uniform, and suited and booted here, it seems Ross will be stepping in for be Henry Gyrich role of the source material. With SHIELD out of the frame, this is very much a governmental matter, and it’ll be Ross that’s the government mouthpiece, convincing Tony that it’s time to formalize and regulate his Avengers.

2. It’s Gonna’ Get Messy


As already stated, Joe and Anthony Russo do love a good fight scene, and it looks like Civil War will be delivering on this count. The Iron Men aerial assault on Cap’s Crew. Tony cradling a bruised and battered Rhodes in his arms, no doubt explaining why he’s going then seen going at it with Buck and Cap. Falcon’s wing-assisted takedowns – it’s all quite visually arresting.

And, in growing Marvel tradition, we can expect a death. The passing of Goliath in the comics sent shockwaves through both sides, lead to defections in the ranks, and with rumors of contract negotiations and recasting in the wake of Age Of Ultron we can expect one of the major players to be checking out permanently. (Well, as permanently as you can in the Marvel Universe…)

1. Who’s Missing?


The trailer’s as intriguing for who is in it as to who it doesn’t, demonstrating that the studio is keen to hold back some of their headline acts, avoiding the mistakes of a whole host of recent notoriously spoiler-heavy trailers. Yes, Terminator Genisys, we’re looking at you…

In addition to Thunderbolt Ross’s return, we get out first, admittedly brief glimpse of Chad Boseman’s suited and booted Black Panther, with Cap in hot pursuit. But there’s no Spider-Man, which is surely going to be a sensational pull that the Studio are keeping under wraps. Hawkeye is relatively conspicuous in his absence, particularly in that he was the beating human heart of the last film.

And there’s no bad guys. We’ve seen numerous on-set photos of Crossbones, and we’re patiently awaiting the identity of Martin Freeman’s mystery character, as well as a shot of Daniel Bruhl in character as Zemo. Whilst this trailer is awesome, it’s clearly only a teaser for bigger and better things to come…

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

What’d you think of the Civil War trailer? Sound off in the comment section below!

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