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Villain For Upcoming AQUAMAN Film Revealed?

Despite being a while away from beginning production, we may have our first details about the upcoming Aquaman movie.

Some may consider these spoilers, so look away now.

According to, the villain that Aquaman will be facing in his first solo outing will be his own half-brother, Orm, better known as Ocean Master. In recent years the villain has become a more prominent character in the comics with him playing a pivotal role in the Throne of Atlantis arc, which saw him waging war with the surface world.

The report states:

Many comic fans commonly reference Black Manta as Aquaman’s primary villain (a la Batman’s Joker), but it’s actually someone much closer to him in more ways than one. I’m told that OCEAN MASTER aka Orm Marius/Curry aka Aquaman’s half brother is the villain that’s currently being developed to square off with the King of Atlantis in his first solo outing, which is said to be reminiscent of the comic struggles of the duo in a brother-vs-brother fight for the throne of Atlantis…

The site also reveals that the studio is currently looking for a ‘Non-White’ actress for the role of Mera, with the character rumored to be introduced in the Justice League film first.

What do you think? Is Ocean Master a good choice of Villain? Is there anybody else you would like to see? Let us know below!

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