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Could A FAMILY GUY Movie Be On The Way?

Family Guy has been running for an extremely long time now; it survived a cancellation, got several movies and TV specials (including ones for Star Wars), and had two spinoff shows, one of which is still airing today. But after all of this, is it finally going to get a movie, in the vein of the South Park or Simpsons movies?

Seth MacFarlane has been very high-profile lately for all of the big movies he’s been putting out; since 2012, he’s had three movies – Ted, Ted 2, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. While the latter was a box office and critical failure, the Ted movies were relatively successful (the original film was a mega-hit while the sequel did merely okay), and so along with his television efforts, he has been very successful overall.

So the big question is: Will Family Guy get its own movie? It very well may, as suggested by Seth MacFarlane himself on Twitter:


What do you think? Should there be a Family Guy movie in the near future? Should Fox let the franchise fade away and try to capitalize on one of their other series like Archer or Bob’s Burgers? Let us know what you think!

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