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One X-MEN Star Believes Their Character Should Be Gay In A Future Film


Marvel Comics has had many LGBT X-Men over the years, from Northstar to Mystique to the recently-outed Iceman; the X-Men have been extensively tied to minority groups such as LGBT people (such as the “Mutant Cure” arc that Joss Whedon wrote for Astonishing X-Men that was adapted into X-Men 3), and director Bryan Singer even made his X-Men films with a gay allegory mindset.

So because the X-Men are so tied to LGBT, does this mean we are going to see a gay X-Man in the future of the movie series?

We very well may, at least if original Iceman actor Shawn Ashmore has his way. Discussing his character’s recent coming-out in the comics, Ashmore said that he would be very interested in playing Iceman as a closeted gay man in future X-Men movies. However, he admits that the character’s previous relationships with Rogue and Kitty Pride in the earlier movies might make that hard to reconcile.

Also, Ashmore, due to the time travel shenanigans caused by Days of Future Past, may not ever play Iceman again, outside a cameo role in the “Good Ending” shown at the end of that movie. Since X-Men: Apocalypse and presumably most future X-Men movies will be taking place in the “past” (that is, before the first X-Men movie and before our current year), Iceman will either be very young, or not even born yet, depending on the movie, so Ashmore will not be able to play him if the character appears.

Source: IGN
Will X-Men end up introducing the first LGBT superhero in movies? We’ll have to see – but give us your opinions below!

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