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Spider-Man’s Suit Design For Captain America: Civil War Revealed?


Comic Book Movie fans are probably used to it by now, but there may be some Captain America: Civil War spoilers through its merchandise. In this case, it’s Spider-Man’s costume design.

The retailer was supposed to unveil screenshots of its new Spider-Man hoodie, which takes cues from the Civil War design, but the photos have actually leaked several days early:



This image shows that the Spider-Man costume will not be entirely different than previous Spider-Man movies (it’s closer to the comics than the design in the first Amazing Spider-Man), it definitely has a more modern look, its second color being black instead of blue. In fact, it looks a lot like the costume from Superior Spider-Man, wherein Doc Ock had possession of Spider-Man’s body for over a year.

While this hoodie may not be entirely accurate to Spider-Man’s costume that will appear in Civil War, it is probably more accurate than anything else we’ve seen so far.


What do you think of the costume? Sound off below!

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