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Uwe Boll Has Retired From Filmmaking


After years of teasing, it looks like notorious film director Uwe Boll has finally made good on his promise to retire, and his reasoning may just surprise you.

After only just managing to scrape the budget for his latest film Rampage 3: No Mercy, Boll announced that once production is complete, he’ll step away from Directing to focus on Production with his company Event Film as well as his Vancouver based restaurant ‘Bauhaus’.

Boll has forever been at the center of controversy, usually as result of something he has said, including calling directors such as Michael Bay and Eli Roth ‘retards’ as well as challenging critics to a boxing match in an event dubbed Raging Boll. Recently after Rampage 3 failed to secure funding via it’s Kickstarter, the director took to YouTube to tell the world to ‘f#%k off’

It won’t be much of a loss to the world of film seeing as the directors highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes is Assault on Wall Street with a 25% fresh rating. Let’s just hope that his efforts in the culinary world are better received.

What do you think? Are you going to miss Bolls films? Will you be eating at the Bauhaus? Let us know below!

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