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DREDD On Netflix, HBO or Amazon? Let’s make it happen!

A TV series based on DREDD? We should make that happen.

136,000 people have already signed the petition calling for more DREDD – and we think Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, or another TV studio would be ideal. So our campaign is being reborn as Bring Back Dredd!

We want to apply pressure to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and the other networks to pick up the franchise.

There are hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe, so let’s show them that a DREDD TV series for an adult audience – retaining all of the violence, intensity, and character of the movie – is what we want!

We believe that the success of series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones proves the market for adult-orientated sci-fi, which Dredd provided in spades.

So we’re calling on fans to add their names to the petition for more media based on the Pete Travis and Alex Garland movie.

The petition can be signed at

 The campaign’s Facebook page at now has more than 100,000 supporters while Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby have both sent the campaign messages of support.

When Brian and I first began the Make A Dredd Sequel page on Facebook, we never dreamt we’d get this level of support from fellow fans. And when 2000 AD got in touch to say they’d like to support us, it was a dream come true and the petition we started has gone on to number 136,000 names.

 Last year’s annual Day of Dredd event was our biggest ever, with the campaign going viral on Twitter and Facebook, and thousands upon thousands of people buying the DVD and Blu-Ray to show there’s a market for more from the world of the 2012 movie!

For a while now we’ve thought about broadening the campaign out – so with things having gone quiet on the possibility of a movie sequel, we’ve decided to take the fight to the TV producers who have done such good jobs with other comic book properties such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

We’ve discussed this with 2000 AD and they’re happy for us to shift our focus to campaigning for a Judge Dredd TV series in the style of the movie. We’re relaunching the petition and we call on all fans of DREDD to join 136,000 other people in calling for people with the vision and the finance to make it happen to step up and give us what we want.

In the next few days we’ll be organizing activities so that people can lobby companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, and show their support as we all say – BRING BACK DREDD!

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