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Could We See Hugh Jackman’s WOLVERINE In A Potential DEADPOOL Sequel?

In a recent teaser for the upcoming Deadpool film, the character himself expressed his unfavorable views on the previous film he appeared in, X-Men Origins: Wolverine calling it a ‘Career low’, pinning most of the blame on star Hugh Jackman. Well, now in a recent interview, we know what Jackman thinks of the comments.

While at the Sundance Film Festival, promoting his new film Eddie the Eagle, Jackman when questioned about the clip revealed:

“I’ve never thought about it till now, but doing something with Ryan – he’s awesome – that’s always attractive to me. But I think you’ve probably got several other people lined up to play [Wolverine].”

He also explained that if they were to fight, the Les Miserable actor believes that Wolverine would ‘a hundred percent’ take down Reynolds’ Deadpool. Sounds like fighting words to me.

It sounds like he is keen on the idea, although it sounds like if we do see the rematch between the two characters, it may not be Jackman who wields the adamantium claws. Although, that’s not to say they haven’t already filmed something as Jackman did appear to be on the set of the film during the reshoots. So we may still see the mutants duke it out yet. We’ll know for sure when the film is released on February 12th.

What do you think? Would you like to see the two characters for toe-to-toe? Or would you rather see a team up? Let us know below!

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