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Here’s How Long FOX Waited To Greenlight DEADPOOL After Test Footage Leaked

Remember back in 2014, when the Internet went crazy over the Deadpool test footage? Well, it turns out Fox must have taken notice, as it took less than 24 hours for the studio to green light the film.

Star Ryan Reynolds was on The Graham Norton Show recently where he discussed the upcoming superhero flick. He told the host It’s been the best and worst relationship I’ve ever been in before going on to explain:

“Eleven years, I’ve been trying to get this movie made. We had a script, we did that about six years ago, then we had a little bit of test footage for the movie. That test footage sat on a shelf at Fox for four years, then about a year and a half ago, somebody accidentally leaked it on the Internet….And it just went nuts. The people started writing and flooding Fox, begging and pleading for the Deadpool movie to get made. Within twenty-four hours, we had a green light. We were making it.”

It certainly seems like it’s been a labor of love for Reynolds, let’s just hope it pays off. If the recent buzz is anything to go by, it may certainly be a hit critically but’s it’s whether it can become one commercially which will decide the future of the character.

We’ll find out whether it was worth the wait when film is released February 12th.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the test footage? Are you surprised it took so long to get off the ground? Let us know!

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