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After 11 long years and one previous failed attempt, Deadpool has finally graced our screens – but is the film worth the wait? You bet your ass it is.

From the moment the credits roll, it’s obvious that this isn’t going to be your usual Superhero movie. It’s hilarious, violent, rude, crude and with so much fourth wall breaking, I’m surprised the rest of the walls were left standing. Basically it’s everything you would expect a Deadpool film to be.

One of the most important things to get right in a Deadpool film is the humour, something which writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick manage to craft superbly in their script – coming off as cross between immature and extremely clever. This is especially apparent in regards to the breaking of the fourth wall, something which is synonymous be with the character with multiple references to the other films in the franchise and more than one reference to everybody’s favorite Australian Hugh Jackman.

Of course when it comes to comedy, it’s all in the delivery and that’s where the cast excel with Reynolds further -cementing that this is role he was born to play. He gleefully makes references to his previous less than stellar forays into the world of superhero movies as well as his own fame as sexiest man alive.

The supporting cast are also welcome additions, Morena Baccarin is excellent as Wade’s future baby mama Vanessa, as is T.J Miller as his pal Weasal. The only weak points in the cast are the villains, with the roles not feeling fully fleshed out, especially in regards to Gina Carano’s character. It was nice to see Colossus in a bigger role, saying more in this film than he has in his previous three appearances.

Overall the film hits all the right notes, with the character feeling like he has walked straight off the page. It manages to grasp the tone of the comics it’s based on perfectly, thanks to the script and direction from Tim Miller. On top of that it’s also quite possibly one of the funniest films you’re likely to see this year, so it’s definitely one to check out.

Grade: A

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