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Fans Start Petitions To Remove Zack Snyder From The DC Cinematic Universe

Obviously, whether you liked the film or not, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has gotten a mixed reaction from fans and critics alike. Whether it’s certain fans saying that Marvel paid critics to bash the film or people just hating it just to hate it – it’s a hot topic right now.

Now, two fans have started petitions to remove Zack Snyder from the DC Cinematic Universe entirely. Here’s what the first one said:

“Even if you loved Man of Steel and BvS. There has to come a time when WB and DC want someone at the helm that can create something that WON’T divide people in such a way. The building blocks are there for a great different set of superhero movies … Zack Snyder is just not the guy that should be in charge of the biggest and most important films in the franchise.”

The second one:

“This guy has already doomed the franchise with two critical flops in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. He’s a great visual artist, but cannot tell a good story. The only chance of redemption for DCEU is to hire a director who’s not as polarizing as Snyder, who understands the characters well, doesn’t make them roam away from their mythos and balance the tone of the future movies.”

We’re not really sure what to say.

What do you guys think of this? Sound off below!

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