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Why Kevin Smith Liked Batman v Superman After A Second Viewing


Kevin Smith, notably a huge comic book fan, was initially critical of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, upon a second viewing with his hetero life-mate Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith was finally able to find the heart of Batman v. Superman.

Here’s an Instagram post Kevin Smith shared that explained his thoughts on the film’s.

“I’d said the film didn’t have any heart, but after the second viewing, I actually found the heart in #batmanvsuperman: it’s in the viewer. And the viewer I watched the blockbuster with the second time was all agog, eyes as big as saucers. During the Knightmare sequence, we shared a moment that even elevated the flick for me: when the winged New Gods nasties attack #Batman and take him down, Jay (age 40) & I (age 45) simultaneously looked at one another and whispered reverently “ParaDemons.” It was a beautiful moment shared by two lifelong fanboys who were delighted to see their childhood flash before their eyes.”

Kevin Smith uses Mewes as an example as to how film can be a magical thing, and how it can light a spark in audiences when they recognize their favorite characters and stories onscreen.

Although film is subjective and it’s okay to be critical about it, Kevin Smith does make a point – sometimes we have to remember that it’s just a movie and enjoy the sight of characters like Batman and Superman finally on the big screen together.

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