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WHAT IF: There Was An X-MEN Show In The MCU

A few months back, I did a piece on the future of the MCU. I predicted and theorized what will ensue in the future of the cineverse after the Infinity War. Sadly, some of the veterans of the franchise, like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, will retire. They’ll make way for the newer actors recently added, like Paul Rudd, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jon Bernthal.

But while most of the main players have been explored, who will they go on to next? It has been recently announced that there will be a Cloak and Dagger show, on Freeform (formerly ABC Family, formerly Fox Family, formerly the Family Channel). Since Spider-Man has finally been acquired from Sony, we will see his MCU story develop. That leads to fans asking about the future ownership rights of Fantastic Four and X-Men.

With the rising popularity of Netflix shows, longer, in-depth stories seem to be the way to go. If the X-Men finally get inducted into the MCU, would a show serve better for such a large sub-verse? The movies have tried to feature the catalog within the catalog. Though, some characters have fallen to just becoming butchered, meaningless, cameos. But the X-Verse has made strives to correct their mistakes. Obviously, Deadpool has reaped the benefits and forgiveness of such corrections. And Days of Future Past has allowed for the writers to reset without necessarily rebooting.


Apocalypse will be here before we know it. It has been said that this, too, will be an Apocalypse for the main series as spin-offs, such as Deadpool, and Gambit (if it ever gets out of development hell), and the upcoming New Mutants, will carry the franchise on out.

Let’s think about that “on out.” Since the MCU will continue to thrive (though, to be fair, it’s about a decade younger than the X-Verse), Will Fox’s rights eventually expire, and allow the mutants to saddle up with this cineverse? Allowing for a reboot, and expanding the Disney-owned ‘verse, what would an X-Men show entail? I came up with some ideas.


Season 1


Since we’re rebooting the story, lets reboot it right. The first X-Men movie chose Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, and Rogue as the initial team. It also introduced Iceman, letting him join the fight in further sequels. The prequel movies allowed for an earlier First Class team, mixing in the antagonists from the previous films: Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, and Beast, while mixing out others between their two installments, like Banshee, Azazel, Havok, Emma Frost, Quicksilver, and Toad. The First Classmates will now be giving the mentoring roles that the original trilogiers had in DOFP. They will now oversee a new First Class, or New Mutants, if you will, thus bringing them around to Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm. Attending this class will also be Jubilee and Nightcrawler.

The First Class in the comics were Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. They’ve all been in the movies, but were scattered around. A reboot show should place them all together from the start. We could see these teenagers learn their new powers and identities as mutants, and grow together as a team. Living in a modern world, where the initial people of power were sought as an alien threat. People would fear the mutants as they did the alien Inhumans. Hate mongers with mob mentality would form groups like Friends of Humanity, lead by people like Graydon Creed, non-mutant brother of Sabertooth (a villain the team will yet to know).

The rage against the mutants will create turmoil amongst their own. Mutants like the X-Men’s teacher, Charles Xavier, and his old friend, Eric Lensherr would turn against each other. Using their powers to their advantage, they inflict destruction on each other, while those opposing the humans would attack them as well. Xavier’s old college buddy, Eric, is one of those who oppose the humans. While Xavier only wants to work with them. Eric, who now calls himself Magneto has recruited his own class: Blob, Toad, Mastermind, Sauron, and Domino. Besides the Brotherhood of Mutants, there are other factions of mutants opposing the humans. Mystique leads another, featuring Destiny, Rogue, Avalanche, and Pyro.

While they try to prevent these factions of mutants from harming the humans, they also face other threats. Like I said, there will be humans like the Friends of Humanity against them. The rage of humans will also include those in the government, like Senator Kelly. But besides mutants and humans, there are still other threats. In a certain episode, you see a man receive his powers while on a quest to find a magic ruby. Upon touching the ruby, he grows in size, and is endowed with great armor. Come to find out, that man is Xavier’s step-brother, Cain. A few episodes could dive into flashbacks that show Cain abusing the lame Charles, as a sickly child. Further episodes could show Xavier on his own quest, hidden from his students. He could travel the world to find mutants outside the country.

A parallel story could feature Wolverine working for the CIA with Sabertooth, Maverick, and Lady Deathstrike. As time goes on, they find Adamantium, and get put into the Weapon X program. Of course, Wolverine freaks out, and goes AWOL. Being in the MCU, this could allow for the Hulk to make an appearance. While with the CIA, Wolverine could be dispatched to track the Hulk. And after he goes AWOL, he could find himself in the care of a Canadian couple, who happen to be mutants themselves. Logan would find out that they have created a commune for other mutants. This couple and their commune could be a modern take on Alpha Flight.


At the season finale, the X-Men, who have expanded now to include Cyclop’s brother, Havok, and Mageneto’s daughter, Polaris (which would be a story arc in itself), had been sent to check out an island. The island being Krakoa, the living island. There the island traps them, needing to be rescued. The episode and the season would end, leaving the team to their doom.


Season 2


The Season premiere could flashback to the Professor on his quest to find other mutants around the world. You could see him assemble Colossus in Russia, Storm in Africa, Nightcrawler in Germany, Sunfire in Japan, and then Thunderbird back in America, but living on an Indian Reservation. As the episode progresses, the new class would come back to an empty school, as the first class had went missing.

Throughout the first season, you would catch hints of a former love. You don’t know who it is, until Xavier reaches out to his former flame, Moira McTaggert. Hoping to also rekindle their relationship, he finds that she has moved on, with Banshee, a mutant who helped the team out in a couple episodes last season. Knowing of Moira and Charles’s history, Banshee agrees to help with Xavier’s new team. Also assisting Moira in her lab at Muir Island is Forge.

Though, this team is a little different than the last, as they were teenagers, learning their powers, these are adults, who have gotten used to their powers on their own. Colossus helped out his family on the farm with his strength and invulnerability. But his grief, not being able to save his sister from being kidnapped and possibly raped by their uncle, Mikhail, ails him. Storm developed her powers early, therefore she was manipulated by the Shadow King to steal things for him on the streets of Cairo. Eventually, she ran away to a village in Africa, where they worshiped her as a goddess. And Nightcrawler was dropped off at a monastery as an infant, being raised by the monks. When he reached adulthood, he went out on his own. Shunned by the people of Germany, he joined the circus, where he fit in. The first few episodes could explore these new characters’ origins, leaving the old ones still missing. Eventually, Xavier finds his way to Canada to talk to the commune of Alpha Flight. There, he meets Logan, and brings him back to the school.

The new X-Men would embark on their own missions dispatched by Xavier, such as against villains, like Magneto’s new Brotherhood, which had been shaken up since the first season. It could include people like Sabertooth and the White Queen. They would also discover the Hellfire Club. That is, given that the promised Hellfire show doesn’t take off. The Hellfire Club were involved with the Phoenix Saga. But it would be interesting to introduce them a little earlier to get to know their power, like Sebastian Shaw, and Harry Leland. It would also make their connections with the White Queen, since she had joined the Brotherhood. They were the antagonists in X-Men: First Class. The only members that the movie and comics shared, however, were Shaw and the White Queen, aka Emma Frost, played by Kevin Bacon and January Jones respectively. Upon these initial missions with the new team, Thunderbird would die, and Sunfire would leave the team, feeling it was a joke.

Eventually, a few episodes down, Xavier would start to miss his first class, and decide to find them. The new team would get to Krakoa and save the old team, consolidating the two teams into one. However, some decide to move on. Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel, Havok, and Polaris would leave to start X-Factor. And when Tony Stark, special-guest-starring Robert Downey Jr, shows up to give Nightcrawler a device that changes his skin color, letting him blend in easier, Beast decides to join the Avengers. While with the Avengers, he discovers that Scarlet Witch (special-guest-star, Elizabeth Olsen) is actually Magneto’s daughter. When the two finally meet, she gives him the news of his fallen son. That is if they don’t resurrect him, like he’s rumored to do in Captain America: Civil War.


Season 3


Two main stories would be followed in this season. The X-Factor team would start to expand, recruiting members like Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, and Multiple Man. Jean Grey would lead them to investigate the Hellfire Club further, making Emma Frost a main antagonist. Through their investigation they meet a mutant named Dazzler, who uses her powers as a musician at inner city clubs. Eventually, Jean Grey learns of her destiny of the Phoenix, a force that the Hellfire Club has been obsessed with for generations. She decides to go back to Xavier for help and guidance.


Though, Xavier has issues of his own. Besides dealing with his brother, Juggernaut, and his new partner, Black Tom Cassidy, who happens to be Banshee’s cousin, he has learned that he has a son. However, this son has some issues. Evidently, the powers that his father has passed on to him have not set well. Xavier tries to talk to him, but its no use. His mother, Moira has tried with him for years, but she is at her wits end. This is also given that the announced show, with Legion as its plot, doesn’t take off either. It sounds like the TV show’s version won’t have anything to do with his famous parents anyway. But, by the time this season three rolls around, it may be several years from now.

The season ends with Jean Grey tapping into the Phoenix Force and becoming a threat against all of the mutants. A “to be continued…” could leave a team-up of X-Men, X-Factor, the Hellfire Club, the Brotherhood, Juggernaut and Black Tom, and even the Avengers, all trying to stop Phoenix.


Season 4


The Phoenix Saga would be carried on to the Dark Phoenix Saga. Jean Grey is totally taken over by the Phoenix force, and becomes a villain greater than any the X-Men (who have consolidated once again, to fight this greater evil, and would include Emma Frost) have previously fought.

Soon, they are visited by Lilandra, and a few of her Imperial Guard, including Gladiator. Though, at first, Lilandra thinks the Phoenix is with the X-Men (as she technically is). After revealing that this Phoenix is something that they’re trying to cure their old teammate from, Lilandra lets them in on what the Phoenix Force really is. They learn that she is a result of the M’Krann Crystal, in which her evil brother has upset, releasing its protector, to find its way to Jean Grey. While getting to know each other, Lilandra and Xavier form a romantic relationship.

The X-Men travel the cosmos with Lilandra and her Imperial Guard, chasing Phoenix. Out there, they run into and are attacked by an alien horde known as The Brood. They also are attacked by a band of space pirates who call themselves the Starjammers. While tangling with the Starjammers, Cyclops learns that their captain is actually his father, who left Earth, orphaning him and his brother.

The season ends with Phoenix finally defeated, but sacrificing Jean while they were at it. This causing Cyclops to brood over his fallen love.


Season 5


Cyclops continues to brood over the death of Jean Grey, becoming useless to the team. His brother decides to cheer him up, and take him out. While at a bar, Scott meets Madeline Pryor. They begin to date. Everyone sees it, except him, that she looks identical to Jean, even played by the same actress. Soon, they learn that she’s actually an evil clone of Jean Grey, working for Mister Sinister. Mister Sinister becomes the main antagonist for the season.

Eventually the team is visited by a couple of time travelers. First, they are visited by Bishop. He tries to warn the team of an assassination attempt on Senator Kelly, as he is running for president. It so happens that the attempt is made by Mystique, who now leads the Brotherhood, as Magneto has become the leader of his own country, Genosha.

Once that is solved, Bishop leaves, and they are visited by Cable. He tells them that he is Cylcops and Madeline’s son. A particular episode even brings three generations together with Cable, Cyclops, and Corsair. Cable warns the teams about Mister Sinister, that he yet is working for someone else: Apocalypse. The evil mutant is immortal, and becomes a world dominating tyrant in Cable’s timeline. They learn that Bishop’s interference, had an effect on Cable’s timeline, resulting in Apocalypse’s rule. Therefore, they must learn how to undo what Bishop had done. Mister Sinister ends up kidnapping Angel, turning him into Archangel, coddling him into another villain for the X-Men to fight.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost has started her own school with Banshee. And while the prime X-Men deal with the threats of time, this team, Generation X, which includes Jubilee, Chamber, Skin, Dazzler, and Colossus’ reunited sister, Magik, deal with other dimensions. One dimension that they stumble upon is Mojoworld, where they get trapped in a TV reality show against Spiral and Arcade, with strings pulled by Mojo. Though, they do get help from Mojoworld natives, Psylocke and Longshot. However, they learn later that Psylocke is actually of Earth, once part of a team called Excalibur with her brother, in which she was captured by Spiral and brought to the Mojoworld.


Another parallel story arc, could have Wolverine on his own adventure in Japan. While seeking out Sabertooth, and the mysteries of their past with Weapon X, he follows a lead to a former teammate, Lady Deathstrike, who is now using her powers for evil. Wolverine eventually teams up with Yukio. Together they find out that Deathstrike is partnering with mob boss, Silver Samurai. Eventually, X-Man, Shadowcat and her pet dragon, Lockheed, join the two to help them against Deathstrike and Silver Samurai.

The season would end with Mister Sinister and Archangel forming the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. During the climax battle, mister blue himself would finally make an appearance, leaving a “to be continued’ for the next season.


Season 6


Instead of picking up where the last season finale left off, season six could open up in a parallel dimension, stretching the concept from the Generation X storyline. This season would focus on the history of Cable’s timeline, where Apocalypse rules. Professor X had been killed early on, having Magneto lead the team. While living in a survival-of-the-fittest dystopia, they battle a governing Mister Sinister, and his lieutenants, Cyclops, Havok, and Madeline Pryor. Their battle continues for years, moving on to the next generation with Cable.

As a lieutenant of Mister Sinister’s, Cable and his son eventually rebel, and decide to take on the big man himself: Apocalypse. Though, Mister Sinister has cloned Cable. Therefore, he sends the clone, Stryfe, to try and stop Cable and Tyler. Cable’s son ends up being captured, and taken back to Sinster to brainwash and turn into Genesis. Now on his own, Cable eventually learns that another dimension has created the ripple effect that put Apocalypse into rule. So he finds a way to travel there and prevent it. Thus, bringing us back around to the finale of Season Five. Cable’s journey, paralleled with Magneto’s story with his X-Men, last for most of the season. When Cable gets to the events of Season Five’s finale, it is now the Season Six finale, thus coupling both six and five’s finales together.

Season 7


Knowing all he knows now of time-travel, Beast, who is now back with the X-Men, decides to go on his own time-traveling adventure. He decides to travel back to the events of season one to try and give his younger self a heads up on some of the upcoming events. This creates another ripple effect that creates some changes that didn’t take place when they happened the first time around, like Iceman coming out of the closet.

Time-traveling back to the first season would be a good way to end the series. It would serve as a full circle. It would also call to the source material from the most recent run in X-Men comics.

Those three announced movies for 2020 are still untitled. There has been word that one of them may be Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. And like I said in my piece on MCU’s future, the plan is to stretch it to 2028, twenty years after Iron Man, the first MCU film. Right now, more and more TV shows are added to this cineverse, like the aforementioned Cloak and Dagger show. Hopefully this fall, we’ll see the Agents of SHIELD spin-off, Marvel’s Most Wanted, as well as the promised Damage Control (in which there has been references on SHIELD). And with Luke Cage and Iron Fist on the way, their team-up with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, The Defenders, will reportedly start filming at the end of this year. Surely, some of those shows will still be going. But after 2020, who knows what will be in store for the MCU. Here’s hoping they’ll eventually have the rights to all their characters.

What’d you think of the list? Sound off in the comment section below!

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