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Rumor: Ben Affleck Has Total Creative Control of BATMAN Solo Film

If there’s one thing fans and critics can agree on over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s that Ben Affleck made a great Batman. So there was little surprise when Warner Brothers announced plans for a solo Batman movie to hit theaters in the not so distant future. However, some fans feared that Zack Snyder’s influence would shroud the entire DC Cinematic Universe although if recent rumors are to be believed, then that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to a recent report from Heroic Insider, it seems as if Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will have ‘complete creative control’ over the next solo Batman movie that they’ll be developing. The report goes into further detail, specifying how Affleck will be leading the charge on most fronts with Geoff Johns playing more of a consultant role in terms of providing necessary references to comic book lore.

This is exciting news considering how Affleck will also be on writing and directing duties which had long been rumored before the release of BvS. With creative control, many fans can breath easily knowing that with Affleck’s history in directing, we could be in for something unique and possibly award worthy (maybe?).

Source: HeroicInsider

What do you think to the recent news? Would you like somebody else to direct? Did you enjoy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Sounds off down below!


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