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Karl Urban Says Conversations About A DREDD Series Are Happening

About a week or so ago, Karl Urban tweeted that he’d definitely be down to do a Dredd series for Amazon or Netflix. The response has been massive, which should tell you just how much of a following the cult film has built since its initial release back in 2012.

Well, apparently, at the Calgary Expo this past weekend, Karl Urban said that “conversations are happening” regarding a potential series for the character:

The petition for a Dredd series has already gotten to about 200,000 signatures and the Facebook page for the campaign sits at 103,000 likes. I’ve also noticed that when any major page or website posts about the idea of more Dredd, the response is overwhelmingly positive.

I realize the film flopped in its initial theatrical release but that can almost certainly be blamed on the marketing and the stigma of the Stallone Judge Dredd film. With the buzz growing, companies definitely have to be at least looking at the prospect of a series.

What do you think? Would you like to see more Dredd? Tell us below!

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