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Rumor: Ben Affleck’s Solo BATMAN Film To Feature Many Different Villains


Who will be the villain for the next Batman movie? Ever since Tim Burton’s stab in 1989, moviegoers have been asking this question. Jack Nicholson set the bar as The Joker. Since then, comic book movie villains have been measured against his greatness. Which came as a surprise when Heath Ledger blew him out of the water. But since that 1989 film, many Batman movies, henceforth many Bat-villians have graced the silver screen. With as massive a rouge gallery that Bats has, Warner Brothers is starting to run out of fresh baddies.

Recent rumors, stemmed from the graffiteed Robin suit in BvS, say that the villain for Ben Affleck’s solo feature will be Red Hood. Evidently, birthmoviesdeath thinks otherwise. They feel that “it would look too much like DC is doing their own Winter Soldier at this point”


According to their sources:

“Many, if not most, members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery will be making appearances in the film. It’s going to be crammed with Bat villains, which means that just about every major bad guy you’ve ever wanted to see in a movie will be in this movie…..(Co-Writers, Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns) want to make the definitive Batman film. They want to tell the ultimate Batman story, and to do so they’re going to bring in all the big guns. They’re going to have a big, sprawling Bat universe already in place.”

Kevin Smith expressed that the villain he would write in to a movie would be Hush, since the storyline which requires the Jim Lee-birthed rogue employs nearly the entire gallery. And if Batfleck is co-writing, then just like with Good Will Hunting, I’m sure he’s going to soak in some ideas from his bestie.


There was also the developmental hellion, Supermax, a Green Arrow movie, before it was snuffed out by the CW drama. It was to only feature Ollie in costume at the bookends of the picture, wearing inmate threads in Blackgate Prison, which saw the Emerald Archer battle all the criminals he put away.

I don’t care if Red Hood is the DC version of Winter Soldier, I would still like to that movie, damnit! But if his substitute is forty for the price of one, I guess I’d be down for that.

No telling when the next Batman will be yet. But crossing our fingers it’ll be soon. Affleck’s performance in BvS was stellar. He and DC Chief Creative Officer, and former Teen Titan and Flash writer, Geoff Johns are hashing out a script now. And when its polished, Affleck is reported to dash before and behind the camera, directing the film as well. In the meantime we can catch Batfleck in Suicide Squad, August 5th, and next year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One.

Source: birthmoviesdeath

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