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Rumor: Emily Carmichael To Direct CAPTAIN MARVEL

A couple of things have been brought to my attention from a fan who seems to be following Captain Marvel very closely and has basically been connecting the dots on social media. And by connecting the dots, we literally mean connecting every dot.

One of the screenwriters for Captain Marvel, Nicole Perlman, very recently followed Emily Carmichael on Twitter. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Camichael, she’s yet to direct a feature film but with how FOX took a chance on Tim Miller directing Deadpool, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Okay, so one of the writers frollowed her on Twitter. Big deal, right?

Well, here’s where it gets interesting:

I look a way

A photo posted by Emily Carmichael (@kidcandrive) on

The photo initially said “on my way to a Disney meeting” but then was changed to what it currently reads now, which simply says: I look a way – possibly to not reveal this so soon.

If you happen to watch some of the shorts that she’s made, tonally, they definitely fit with what Marvel is doing and she has a lot of great indie credentials which include Sundance, Tribeca SXSW, 25 New Faces of Independent Film, etc.  Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly also follow her on Twitter and with Star Wars a part of the Disney family, this could very well make sense.

Sure, we’re speculating but you have to admit – it does make a little bit of sense, doesn’t it? 

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