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Cats Review: Keanu

The hilarious duo of Key and Peele unite to bring forth the tale (that is the last wasted opportunity for a pun you will see in this review, so enjoy) of Rell (Peele), who happens upon the cutest cat in the entirety of the planet. When said kitten is kitten-napped, he wrangles in his cousin and best friend, corporate motivational speaker Clarence (Key), to bring him back from the underbelly of the darker side of society.

Now, as a human, I loved Keanu. It is exactly what I want out of a comedy – kind of dumb, delightfully mad-cap, and unceasingly hilarious. However, I feel that there are some unheard voices that need to be heard in order to make this review complete. So, I bring to you, our beloved readers, the cats of ScreenGeek to lay their opinions down on Keanu.



Tennyson “Mr.Business” Maixner on Story

Hiss-terical story, if a bit disjointed at times. Paw-sitives, ranging from the poppy dialogue, excellent jokes, and well timed slap-stick meow-ments, outweigh the negatives of some overly long scenes and disjointed pacing. Not the smartest film out right meow, but Keanu realizes that, and embraces what it is: a ridiculous, over the top film about two idiots rescuing a kitten from a bunch of other idiots with guns.



Casper Mejiarodarte on Characters

Un-fur-tunatley, Keanu’s weaknesses lay in its flat characters. This was truly a meow-ssed opportunity, seeing as the cast was full of hilarious, tail-ented people who, if given more screen time to breath, could have been both more relatable and believable.

The only exception to this is Clarence, Key’s character. Every scene with Clarence is brilliant – he is funny, simultaneously in and out of his element, and awkwardly likeable. The fact that Clarence is so well-defined in his role of a character makes the lack of finesse around Rell’s character more apparent. They are funny together, but apart, Rell’s scenes are sadly fur-getable next to what Clarence can get up to.



Sheldon Lyons on Cinematography

Sur-purr-isingly, the fight and action choreography in Keanu is actually kind of amazing. It is tight, well shot, and easy to follow. In a genre that often pops out films that are made entirely of boring medium, Stedi-cam shots, Keanu pulls out more stops than necessary and ends up with a product that is much more than serviceable.



Yoshi Huneycutt On Mew-sic

A lot of Keanu’s jokes rely heavily on its mew-sical choices, so it’s no shock that the soundtrack is purr-etty off the hook, as the kids say. Energizing, yet never overbearing, Keanu makes the right pick for every scene.

Okay, maybe there’s like one too many George Michael songs, but it’s okay, you’ll get over that.



Joey Andrews on Diversity in Film

There are no dogs in this film. Zero stars out of five. F minus.



Gnatalie Maixner on Final Thoughts

There were some unnecessary scenes and too little time spent with the star of the film, one Mr. Keanu himself, but don’t let that give you too much paws. Overall, Keanu is a hilarious, silly movie that is well worth the watch.


Grade: B+


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