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Rumor: Villains For SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming Revealed


Now that Spider-Man has had his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has his own solo movie coming soon, there will definitely be no shortage of rumors when it comes to who will be appearing in the film and whatnot. The latest rumor claims to know which villains will be in the film and it’s really not all that shocking:

The main villains of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING are Norman Osborn and the Vulture, with appearances by Spencer Smythe and Miles Warren.

Damn. I was hoping it’d be Venom and Carnage and they would feature Spider-Man in a hard R-Rated adaptation for the first go around.


Sure, this won’t be the first time we’ve seen the Green Goblin in a Spider-Man film.


Or the second, for that matter. But who knows, maybe he won’t be appearing as the Green Goblin? Either way, Harry Osborn is the most important Spider-Man villain there is and is imperative to Peter Parker’s story.

Let’s not get too carried away, however, these are just rumors. It’s fun to speculate, though.

Source: Reddit (4chan)

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