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James Gunn Gives Harsh Response For Fans Mad About Captain America’s HYDRA Twist


James Gunn is known for his very candid Facebook posts where he discusses movies, comics, and other aspects of nerd culture, so it was only natural for him to comment about the second-most-important comic book twist of the past month (sorry, Marvel, Rebirth was still much bigger), which is of course the revelation that Steve Rogers has apparently been a Hydra agent for his entire career.

The twist has been decried by a huge portion of the comic/comic movie/nerd community, in a similar fashion to the fighting about the new Ghostbusters reboot, and it looks like James Gunn has had enough of it after less than one full week.

His Facebook post said simply this:

The post received a bit of backlash, prompting the director to follow that post with this one:

The argument about something “ruining one’s childhood” has definitely been a common theme of internet arguments recently, and it was no surprise that this Facebook post ended up starting a bunch of arguments, which you can read in archived form here. Unlike most famous people on the internet, James Gunn actually sometimes engages with fans who argue with him on social media, so it’s very interesting to read the posts.

What do you make of James Gunn’s post, and do you agree with it?

Source: Facebook

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