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BLACK PANTHER Nearly Had A Much Different Look For Civil War


With his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther became the breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone’s talking about how perfectly he was characterized, and what a fantastic job Chadwick Boseman did in bringing the regal Wakandan prince to life. And his costume, a bulletproof, vibranium-infused fabric, garnered a lot of attention as well.

And now, we know that the armor almost looked much different. Costume designer Jerad S. Merantz has posted pictures of the concept art on his personal blog, and it shows a more primal, muscle-defining design. He almost looks more like a real panther walking upright, more so than a man in a suit. The muscles appear tense, as if he’s waiting for an opportunity to pounce. This visceral appearance would most certainly strike fear in the hearts of villains.

What do you thinks about this design? Do prefer the one that ended up in the film, or the concept art? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Jerad S Marantz

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