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Rumor: Zack Snyder Wanted MAN OF STEEL 2 Before Batman v Superman


It’s old news now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had mixed perceptions. There is this perception that it’s black and white, a solid line, between the fans and the critics. The critics evidently hated it. And the fans loved it. I don’t feel that it’s as black and white as that. But I do feel that the result was a condensed version that the studio released to theaters. We will see how well that turns out when the Ultimate Edition is released to Blu-Ray.

But like Fantastic Four, this mess looks to be a result from studio hands. It’s easy to attack the filmmaker, and his vision. But how much of that is tweaked by the studio? Not only has Zack Snyder fallen under attack because of this final product, but so was Josh Trank of Fantastic Four, and Bryan Singer of X-Men: Apocalypse.

We at ScreenGeek hear all sorts of words from here and there. The newest word is that Snyder may have had a different vision altogether than the “Son of Krytpon” vs the “Bat of Gotham.” An unnamed source said the following:

“Zack Snyder wanted give his characters more development by doing a Man of Steel sequel that would have also introduced more DC characters. Warner Bros., however, scrapped that idea and moved forward with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to play into their Justice League plans.”

I get why Warner Brothers was so eager for Justice League. With the success of The Avengers, they needed to compete for the cinemas. Plus, there has yet to be a live-action Justice League. That is, unless you count Smallville.


A similar instance happened to the Russo brothers for Captain America: Civil War. Besides the Civil War within Marvel Studios, the end result produced much better results. But the Russos were in the process of writing a Captain America 3, yet Studio head, Kevin Feige, intervened and told them to adapt Civil War by Mark Millar. Many of the elements remained in the picture, though. I’m sure the Bucky subplot was initially in there, along with Baron Zemo.

But what was initially part of Snyder’s Man of Steel 2? In BvS, Superman had a lot of doubts about his position. The government persecuted him for his extraterrestrial powers. And I’m sure Lex Luthor was still in there to some degree. As far as Jimmy Olsen goes, Snyder has stated that his decision to kill him after his mere five minutes, was because there was too many characters to develop already. If there was no Batman, Alfred, or Wonder Woman, would there have been more room for Lois and Clark’s co-worker?

I don’t know about you, but I too am eager for this Justice League. After Wonder Woman next year, we’ll finally see them all assemble on the big screen. My favorite part of BvS was the Justice League files of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. I also really enjoyed Flash’s other part, where he uses a Boom Tube to warn Bruce of the future.

Zack Snyder may be under attack for this supposed flop. Like I said, we’ll see what sort-of vision he had with the Ultimate Edition. Jeremy Irons, who played Alfred, said the theatrical edition was too “muddled.” So, hopefully this will untangle the mess. But, now, I’m really curious what Man of Steel 2 would have been like.

What do you think? Would you have liked to have seen Man of Steel 2? Tell us below!

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