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Ridiculous Looking Concept Art For Defunct JURASSIC PARK 4 Film Surfaces

Before Jurassic World, Universal made several attempts at a sequel to Jurassic Park III, one of which focused on a totally ridiculous concept of weaponized dinosaur/human hybrids working for the military. Yeah.

This was exclusively revealed by Bloody-Disgusting years ago, however new concept images have recently been released including a weaponized raptor-man. This was an image released by Carlos Huante, who has worked as a professional creature designer since 1985 and contributed to projects such as Men in Black and Prometheus.

The art is nothing short of shocking, and not in a very good way. I could picture this as a project for some low-budget film, perhaps something on the Syfy channel, but as a followup to one of the biggest blockbuster franchises in history? The movie that revolutionized the dinosaur genre by including realistic depictions of said beasts for the first time? It’s almost unbelievable, and it’s no wonder the film was cancelled. Although it’s still a mystery as to how it got so far into the production that designs were actually drawn out and planned…

Check out the art below:

Here’s an image from an approximately 14 year old, failed version of Jp4….

A photo posted by Carlos Huante (@galleryanatom) on

Here’s one more raptorman

A photo posted by Carlos Huante (@galleryanatom) on

Ultimately, the film obviously never happened, and we ended up with 2015’s Jurassic World.

What do you think of the art? Would you have liked to see Jurassic Park 4 happen? Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comment section!

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