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6 Ways FOX Could Fix The X-MEN Franchise


After my last article about Bryan Singer, you might be asking yourself, “Well Mark, how would you do the X-Men franchise?”

And I’d respond with, “First, I would tell Fox to take a break from X-Men and let five years go by so that the previous films can be somewhat a distant memory. Second, sit your lethargic fanboy ass down (as if you weren’t) and let me shoot an idea to you.”

6. X-Men: Hope

The first installment of a two-part trilogy would start off with the mutants and X-Men fully established in the world. After the events of House of M, mutant pollution would be down to ten percent. A new mysterious student comes to the school seeking help in understanding her powers. Her name? Hope. The protagonist would be Mr. Sinister as he tries to collect as many mutants as he can so that he may experiment and take their powers away in order to build his army of super mutants to take over the world. In this film, you would take a small bit of time re-introducing the team and their bonded dynamic because of the new actors taking their roles. The team would have the same roster with a few changes; Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue (with her Ms. Marvel Powers) but add Beast, Angel, and Colossus.  X-Men defeat Mr. Sinister and the Hope becomes the latest member.

5. X-Men: Genosha (Because, you can’t have the X-Men without their classic villain)

Image result for X-Men: Genosha

We play a little catch up with the Magneto and what he’s been up to since the House of M. Magneto has decided to take the Island of Genosha and create a safe haven for any and all mutants that seek it. With that, he takes the island off the planet and sets it in space. (I know you’re getting that classic 90s cartoon feel with this one). The idea of his haven seems too good to be true, because it is. Magneto’s true plan is to take break away a portion of the island and take it further from earth, only to use the remain pieces of the asteroid in attempt to crash it into the earth and dwindle the human population close to extinction. With the X-Men and the reveal, and the help of The Phoenix through Jean Grey, they defeat Magneto and save the earth from the fallen comet.

4. X-Men: Phoenix

Here, you would finally have your space traveling X-Men. The film would bring in the Shi’ar Empire and the M’Kraan crystal. Also, this can bring in the StarJammers and Cyclops meeting his long thought dead father. The connection between the Phoenix is revealed, but through the raging war for the crystal, the Dark Phoenix comes to light. Jean sacrifices herself and the universe is saved. Charles Xavier decides to stay and help the Queen Lliandra rebuild the empire.

Onto the next trilogy.

3. X-Men: Schism (Introduction of the Idea of Time Travel)

Image result for x men schism

Here, Hope’s past is explored. We find out that she is the newest mutant born after the House of M. She survived all this time because of her surrogate father, Cable. In order to protect her, Cable took Hope as a child and leapt through time, only to be pursued by the mutant known as Bishop in his attempt to end Hope’s life. He sees her as the reason for the mutant genocide future that he has come from. After a series of close calls and Bishop learning the error of his ways, a new and much more dangerous super sentinel comes to destroy the mutants. Cyclops, now leader of the X-Men and head of Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants wants to stay and fight. Wolverine says “no” because the students are not ready for this battle and should run. There, we have the two at odds and tempers flying high. In their argument, lines are crossed and we get an Iron Man vs. Captain America type fight as we have an impending doom in the form of the Super Sentinel. The Sentinel is destroyed but the team is split.

2. X-Men: Second Coming

blankWith the team split, a new threat arrives. The villain known as Bastion is revealed to be the one who sent the Super Sentinel in the previous film. Here is when the X-Men must come together after being split, to defeat the enemy Bastion. An oncoming horde of sentinel Nimrods come for the X-Men in an all out, balls to wall battle. With a little bit of time traveling with the X-Force team into the future, Cable sacrifices himself to stop the invasion and Bastion is taken care of. Before the credits role, we see Hope with a warning, “The Phoenix is returning.”

1. A vs. X

Image result for X-Men a vs x

Need I say more? Of course, if hell froze over and 20th Century Fox decided to partner up with Marvel.

So that’s how I would take the X-Men films. A  bit of creativity along with a bit of planning and the series could be something that fans and critics could feel is a true movie-going experience worth our hard-earned dollar. But instead, we have Fox, Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg in control of this franchise, and that is a travesty.

Agree or disagree? Tell us below!

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